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WELL battles gnats at The Bluffs

There was no league play last week due to another rain out by Mother Nature. WELL finally had a beautiful evening to play golf on June 1. Overcast with the sun peaking out every once in a while and the smell of Absorbene Junior drifting over the course.

The gnats were out in full force! A deer was spotted crossing No. 3 fairway by Erin Hoose. Lynette Wolf was a lucky winner tonight with both the longest putt on No. 5 and low net of 34. Joining Lynette with low net was Tammy Baisden, Lois Hazen, Jennifer Steele and Peggy Donnelly. Peggy also won the 50/50 of $10.50. Jennifer Steele had low gross with a 45. We also celebrated Jennifer�s birthday with a carrot cake. Happy Birthday Jen.

Senior Fun league at the Bluffs May 31

Twenty-one seniors played golf on a very windy last day of May. The winning team of Turk Pilker, Mo Marcotte and Guy Button won on a tiebreaker over the team of Bob Solomon, Louise Fostvedt and Gary Prasek. Both teams shot a 38, but one had to go to the third tiebreaking hole to decide a winner. Using all of Mo Marcotte�s shots they birdied the third hole.

Ross King, Ray Lynn, and Cleland Cook placed third with a score of 40. Dick Burbach, Lloyd Helseth and Dave Zimmer beat the team of Shorty Hanson, Don Baer, and Pat Bole to come in fourth. This time one had to go the fifth tiebreaking hole to decide the winner because both team shot 41.

The senior fun league did not meet on June 7 but will resume on June 14 with a starting time of 1 p.m.

Wednesday Morning Ladies� June 1 Report

Hi Ladies � this is June 1st report! How fast the year is going.

Today 27 ladies were at the luncheon. Great turnout gals!!

Desserts were provided by: Janet Hof and Jan Chapman. I was not at today�s luncheon but it bet they were deeeelicious!

Our membership is growing � BUT � we need more friendly faces!!!

The $5 drawing was won by Sally Gilbertson � lucky lady!!

There were several lucky quarter winners also:  June Wagner, Maxine Roges, Edith Nelson, Ann Stewart, Brenda Chatham and Anita White.

Bridge report � Marlys Jensen was the winner last week (5/25) and today the winner was Ellie Davies. There was only one to � need more bridge players � are you out there? Come join us!!!

Pitch report � there was one table for pitch on May 25.  Believe it was Sally Gilbertson.

We need more pitch players also. Are there any of these out there who need to come join us and have fun, fun, and fun?

Golf report � this week the game was: Pass the Buck. Lynn Hatle won. What is with this � we played only once before (when there was no rain) and guess WHO won? Yah…Lynn. We need to do something about this next week…tee hee!! Oh-there were three players this week.

Dominoes report � I did not get the info for the May 25 games but here is the info for the June 1. There were four tables. They played: June Facts.

Round 1 � Lynne Hatle, Beth Slivano, Judy Sullivan, and Barb Larson.

Round 2 � Pat Pratt, Mary Bartles, Barb Boone, and Barb Larson.

Round 3 � Pat Pratt, Beth Silvano, Judy Sullivan, and Brenda Chatham.

Total Score � Lynn Hatle, Mary Bartles and Babe Hurowitz, Rose Mart and Ann Stewart.

Well, if you check out the list above for dominoes seems there are a couple very,  very lucky ladies!  Ok �  as long as you all had lots of fun.

Fun is the goal of our wednesday group of friends!! Come join us…remember!!!!

Wednesday golf tee off 9 a.m. (be there about 8:30ish), luncheon be there around 11:30-12 and games to follow.

Hope to see you all next week…I plan to be there!!!

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