Bluffs Bulletin: June 17, 2011


A beautiful evening for ladies golf on Wednesday, June 8. Not too hot and even a little chilly as the sun set. Kathy Merrigan-Manning was this winner tonight with Low Gross of 39 and Low Net of 30. Nice job Kathy.

A baby bird was saved from the middle of the fairway on #18 by team Briefs. Other birdies were in danger tonight with Mary Gauer getting one on #14, Susan Oberle on #11 and Jonie Hook on #15. Congratulations ladies!

Ann Jensen won the 50/50 of $8. We ended the evening singing Happy Birthday to Pat Flannigan.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League June 8, 2011

Team Points Won

1.Two Putts 18

2. Lucky Shots 14.5

3. Bluffs Babes 14.5

4. Now We Are Fore 13.5

5. Divit Divas 12

6. Birdie Bound 12

7. Wedgies � Briefs 8.5

8. Shankford Wives 7.5

9. Not Bluffing 7

10. Fairway Fliers 6.5

11. Lopez Sisters 5

12. Wedgies � Boxers 1

Wednesday morning Ladies� have great time

This is 06/08/11 and the day has started out great!!

We had 24 ladies at luncheon and Cherry Street served one of my favorites–Tacos. I made mine up as a salad on a soft-shell.  It was great! Thanks Jon.

The desserts were great also. Darlene Engbrecht and Barb Boone provided three  wonderful treats. Yes � I tried all three!

We had a guest today: Dori Ryan.Thanks for coming Dori–maybe you will join our group for fun the rest of the summer?

Ann Stewart was on a winning stretch again….she won the $5 drawing and some quarters.

Our quarter winners were:  Joan Olson, Lynn Hatle, Barb Boone, Ann Stewart, Rula Hatch, Glennis Stewart, Vaneta Youngworth, Beth Silvano, and Lois O'Grady.

Golf Report:  One of our favorite games to play is Bingo, Bango, Bongo and No Rough Stuff.  (I personally really like the rough so needless to say–don't get a point for staying OUT of the rough.)  We had 4 players today (come on out golfers…we  wish you could join in our fun and games.)

The winner was Edith Nelson and Darlene Engbrecht was second. They were only 2 points apart. Close game girls!

Dominoes Report: What a great showing…there were 4 tables! Bet there was a lot  of fun in the room today!!

Round 1: Sally Gilbertson, Joyce Zimmerman, Ann Stewart, and Brenda Chatham.

Round 2: Agnes Mockler, Joyce Zimmerman, Ann Stewart, and Babe Hurowitz.

Round 3: Sally Gilbertson, Darlene Engbrecht, Lynn Hatle, and Babe Hurowitz.

Total Score: Joan Olson, Joyce Zimmerman, Thelma Raines, and Vaneta Youngworth.

Today there were some very very lucky ladies….Casino here they come??

I have no reports for card games today. I shall include them in next weeks report when I get them. 

 See you next week….Pat Steckelberg (Reporter)

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