City parks department conducts Arbor Day activities

This year for the second annual Arbor Month the City of Vermillion Parks Department had a few fun and educational activities with the area elementary and middle school students.

First was our annual Arbor Day Memorial Tree planting with the Vermillion Jolley elementary school second-graders. They learned how to plant a tree and also got to help plant it. We planted a beautiful Quaking Aspen in memory of Donald Young, a past city of Vermillion Parks Department employee who passed away last year. His family was able to join us for this memorial to him and helped to plant the tree by throwing in the first few shovels of dirt. A special thank you to the Vermillion Garden Club for donating the tree.

Our second activity was "A Day With Trees," where Jessica Kennedy taught the sixth-graders about the anatomy of a tree and how to read the rings of a tree to tell the age and history of a tree. They also learned how to tap a maple tree to collect sap from the tree to make syrup.

The Arbor Month poster contest was held for the third-graders at Jolley and St. Agnes. It was a tough decision, but we finally came to a conclusion of the top three posters. The winners received a leaf identification/collecting kit. First place – Brook Assmus; Second place – Sariah Chavez; and Third place – Caleb Dobney

We had another great Arbor Month this year and looking forward to Arbor Month 2012.

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