Highway officials warn of travel problems from flash flooding

Flash flooding is creating hazardous travel conditions across a broad section of central and eastern South Dakota, State Transportation Department officials warn.

Heavy rainfall throughout the day and evening on Monday has caused flash flooding on numerous roads. Transportation Department crews are working to locate and mark areas of highway that are covered with water or otherwise made impassable by the flooding. The crews aren�t always able to detect trouble spots immediately.

Motorists are being urged to consider delaying any travel plans Monday night and into early Tuesday morning.

�The flash flooding happens quickly, and if you�re out at night, you may not be able to tell in the dark how deep the water is on a stretch of roadway, whether a culvert is washed out, how much damage the flooding has done to the driving surface and a number of other factors that could make it dangerous to proceed,�� said Transportation Secretary Darin Bergquist. �Conditions can change in an instant. We�re asking people to make safe choices. If you must travel and you see water on a roadway, turn around. Don�t risk your life.��

Motorists who must travel are asked to check safetravelusa or to call 511. Those sites are being updated as quickly as possible, but motorists are cautioned that rapidly changing conditions make it possible that the posted information may not be up to the minute. Crews will need to assess roadways when conditions permit.

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