Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the files of the Plain Talk


Stop at Russ� Gamble Store and get a double trade in offer on your old washing machine when you buy the new Coronado Supermatic, semi-automatic washer priced at $174.95. This new washer turns itself off at the time you select, holds 10 lbs of clothes, has the famous Lovell Wringer, and has a convenient waist high control panel. And has a five year warranty.

Capt. Earl G. Weaver of the Sioux City Air Base parachuted to safety when his F-860 jet aircraft crashed and exploded about 11:15 a.m. Saturday on a farm owned by Twila Larson about six miles southwest of Vermillion. Capt. Weaver�s parachute carried him to a corn field on the Norman Knutson farm, about two miles south of where the plane crashed.  He was picked up by Mr. Knutson. Immediately after the crash the Vermillion Fire Department and county and state law enforcement officers were called to the scene. They took charge and kept the area cleared of spectators until officials arrived from the air base. No reason has been given for the cause of the crash. Col. Shook said a board of officers will be appointed to investigate the crash. Col. Shook advised that spectators should stay at least 1,000 feet away from the scene of the crash. Two local men, Leo Wherry and Morten Sorenson held back the crowds until people from the air base arrived. It seems no one was in much of a mood to argue with the two men.

It is expected that the new Austin and Jolley grade schools will be ready for the opening of school on Sept. 6th.

Old records reveal the names of the following people who served on the school board in 1879 were C. E. Prentis, H. J. Austin and John L. Jolley.

Several stage lines came through Vermillion in 1880. One went to Sioux Falls daily. Another line went to Bloomingdale, Lodi and Centerville on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and once a week, on Friday, a trip was made to Clay Point and Dalesburg. The first stage line was instituted in 1867 when a government wagon road was completed between Sioux City and Yankton. The first train reached Vermilion in 1872.

The new exhibit building that was built this year by the Clay County Fair Association was dedicated on Wednesday night.  The 50 X 100 ft. building was erected at a cost of about $20,000.  The heating system still needs to be installed.

The 1956 budget for the City of Vermillion is $823,500.

The USD enrollment shows a big increase. The total may hit 1,850. Last year�s total was 1,608.  The all time high was set in 1948 when 1,953 students registered.

A fund in the amount of $6,000 needs to be raised for underwriting the first year of a proposed ferry on the Missouri River. This fund is to cover any financial loss during the first year.  Pledges are being taken and would be paid at $10 per month for one year. If the income from the first year of operation of the ferry is enough to meet the expenses the money in the underwriting fund will be returned to the donors.

The seat of the jet plane that crashed last week was found in the corn field on the Hans Jasperson farm on the Timber Road.

A grand opening event for the new Sinclair service station will be held in Burbank on Saturday, October 15. The station will be known as Rhoten�s Service and is owned by Orville Rhoten. There has been no station in Burbank since one operated by Frank Adams and it burned early in 1952.

Meisenholder�s Motor Company is �Wheeling and Dealing� like never before. Hurry in and get under the tent of the biggest profit cutting Buick sales show on earth.

The General Electric portable TV sets you�ve been hearing about so much lately are now on sale in Vermillion. They are a really slick little job. With just built-in rabbit ears, both Channel 4 and 9 come in beautifully. It only weighs 32 pounds, and has a carrying handle, so you can easily haul it around anywhere you want it.

It was estimated that over 15,000 people lined the streets of Vermillion to watch the Dakota Day parade. There were many beautiful floats and many marching band units.

The firemen were kept busy on Wednesday with 3 calls in 25 minutes. The first call was a grass fire on the Manning farm north of Junction City. A few minutes later the department received a call when a small grass fire started in the yard at Fairview School. The third call came from the West Side Caf� as another grass fire.

Watch out for �The Williams Gang� who are a notorious group of swindlers. There is a big story in The Saturday Evening Post about this gang. They have been in Vermillion twice in the last three years and undoubtedly swindled a lot of people here.  They are smooth talkers and sell imported glass, Irish lace, rugs, table cloths and they also specialize in spray painting with aluminum paint that washes off barns and out buildings after the first rain and they install lightning rods. Where their goods come from is unknown but may be smuggled into the states. They must have had good sales in this area as they are coming back.

Ted R. Grier of Sioux City has purchased the Wyman Motor Co. from Keith Wyman

This week the Plain Talk begins its 72 year of publication in Vermillion.

Effective November 1st, Austin Dairy will advance milk prices one cent a quart. Cream and Cottage cheese will remain the same.

The new 1956 Pontiacs are now on hand at Meisenholder Motor Company. You can purchase the 850 Chiefton two-door with heater, two-tone exterior, white wall tires, directional signals, oil filters, oil baths, and permanent anti-freeze for $2,745.00. The 860 four-door with all the same accessories except adding the hydra-matic transmission sells for $2,933.00.

Building plans are now prepared for the proposed Nursing Home. Four acres of land south of the present Dakota Hospital property have been secured from the Thomas R. Walker Trust. This area has a 550 foot frontage on South Plum Street.

The December 29th, 1955, Plain Talk reports that 110 boys and 92 girls were born at Dakota Hospital this year.

End 1955

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