Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the files of the Plain Talk


The City Council saw some fast action at the meeting Monday night.  Three members of the Volunteer Fire Department appeared before the council to make a plea for a new alarm system which would expedite the relaying of information on the location of fires to all firemen.  The fire department representatives were Bill Radigan, Joe Reedy and Stanley Larsen.  Just as the men completed their presentation the fire siren began to wail.  They shot out of the meeting room like sprinters and went down the stairway in about two jumps.  In a matter of seconds they were aboard the truck on their way to Noteboom Hall on the campus.  Delegations don�t often leave the city hall so quickly after presenting requests to the city council.  The request was turned over to a committee including Norman Jaquith, Chairman, Ralph H. Leer and Ralph Sutcliffe for study.

At Wyman�s Motor Company, you can purchase the 1955 2 door Oldsmobile 88 for $2,557.62.

Mr. Wayne Rausch has developed a new activity at VHS.  Thanks Mr. Rausch for introducing us to the game of golf.

Fourteen residents of the Burbank area took the civil service exam at Vermillion as applicants for the job of rural mail carrier out of the Burbank office.  Since the retirement of Bill Lee, the mail has been delivered by Joe Brown of Vermillion who is serving on a temporary appointment.

Two Hundred Thirty Five students will graduate from USD on June 6th.

The City Council voted to contract with the Northwestern Bell Telephone Company for installation and servicing of a telephone alarm system for the use of the local volunteer fire department.

The Burbank Thimble Club observed their 45th anniversary last Thursday afternoon.  Forty five guests were present.  There were four charter members present.

M. L. Larson, who has worked at the shoe repair trade in Vermillion since June 25, 1924 announced this week that he is retiring due to health reasons.  He learned the trade in his homeland of Norway and has used the same hammer that he brought with him when he came here in 1902.  He began working for James Gilbertson in 1924.  In 1938 he went into business for himself.  His last location has been in Russ� Gamble Store on Main Street.

Action to prohibit the making of �U� turns at any of the intersections on Main Street was taken by the City Council on Monday night.  Signs will be put up at all intersections as soon as possible.

Progress is being made on the river ferry project.  It is the brightest it has been since the Chamber of Commerce started working on the project a year ago.  A local man is interested in the installation of a ferry as a private business adventure and has plans to make trips to see boats that are available at this time.

Three people were fined and arrested as a result of one of the State Highway Patrol radar speed detection units.  One man was from Iowa, one from Mississippi and one from Missouri.  Each one was fined $29.40.

Fire Chief Lewis Radigan is a happy man as there have been no fires reported in 42 days.

�White Christmas� is being shown at the Co-Ed Theatre this week.  Stars of the show are Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen.  The show is in technicolor and vista vision.

Two Hundred Sixty Three Clay County residents get Social Security benefits at this time.  $1,287.00 or about 11% went to mothers and children.

A swarm of bees took over the illegal possession of Mrs. Donald Fisher�s car.  Mrs. Fisher parked her car at the corner of Main and Court Street and happened to leave the front window vent open thus giving thousands of bees a place to enter the car.  As it is best to deal with bees gently, Mr. Joe Lindstrom came to the rescue with a beehive and beekeeper equipment.  He put the queen bee into the hive and brushed the others in the same direction.  After a couple hours Mrs. Fisher was able to retrieve her car.

There has been no change in the price of the Plain Talk since it was established in 1883.  However, paper costs and all expenses continue to go up and after Aug. 1, 1955, the single copy price will raise from a nickel to seven cents.  The subscription rate will remain at $3.00 a year in Clay County and neighboring counties.

Eight four county veterans have received Korean War Bonuses.

Last Sunday 1560 persons sought relief from the 102 degree heat at the local swimming pool.  Average pool attendance is around 1,100 during the hot weather.

The old Austin School building is for sale at 320 West Main Street.  Besides the two story building it Includes 9 � lots of land.  Contact the Superintendent of Schools for further information.  The property is appraised at $31,000.  The school board cannot accept bids for less than 90% of the appraised value.

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