Stewart is Vermillion Teacher of the Year

Julie Ann Stewart, Vermillion native born and raised, was recently selected as Vermillion School District�s Teacher of the Year.  She has been an elementary teacher for the past 33 years, 26 of those years spent teaching in Vermillion. 

The mother of three girls � Erica, Amanda and Lindsay and wife to Kevin Bliss, Julie has had many life lessons taught to her students that helped cross into her parenting. �Pioneer Up � no complaining!� �Work before pleasure� and �Happiness is in your own backyard� are her three mottos that she has shared with the over 1,000 kids that have graduated from her classroom.

Ms. Stewart gives credit where due, and acknowledged that she has been fortunate in her job to have such supportive principals, colleagues and parents that have made her job that much easier.

�When you are doing a job you love, like teaching, it isn�t work� she says, and �it is even more of an honor to be teaching in the town I grew up in.�

Her mother, Glennis Stewart, is a resident in Vermillion.

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