Bluffs Bulletin: July 8, 2011

Mother Nature finally allows well on course

Last week�s WELL was cancelled due to a lack of cooperation from Mother Nature. This week, on June 29, the weather was better in that there was no rain but there was high humidity with some strong wind gusts to keep us cool.

Pat Durkin had lots of �fun� on #1 and #9. Birdies were made by Joanne Ustad on #4 and Mona Bye on #7. Low Net was Nikki Stammer with a 30 and Low Gross was once again Mary Gaur with a 39. Longest putt was Nancy Christopherson and the 50/50 was won by Cathy Chandler. Wait a minute, don�t their husbands work at the clubhouse?

Wednesday Evening Ladies League June 29, 2011

Team Points Won

1. Bluffs Babes 19.5

2. Divit Divas 19.5

3. Now We Are Fore 19

4. Lucky Shots 18.5

5. Two Putts 18

6. Birdie Bound 17.5

7. Wedgies – Briefs 16

8. ShankFord Wives 14.5

9. Fairway Fliers 11.5

10. Not Bluffing 10

11. Wedgies – Boxers 8

12. Lopez Sisters 8

Wednesday morning Ladies� June 29 report

June 29 was a great day for getting together for golf, lunch, dominoes and card games. There were 23 ladies at luncheon. Desserts were provided by Ramona Kellogg and Glennis Stewart. 

Rosemary Mart won the $5 drawing today. She gets to have part of her lunch next week on us!

The quarters were won by: Elle Davis, Mary Bartelsm, Anita White, Janet Hof, Babe Hurowitz, Vaneta Youngworth and me, Pat Steckelberg. 

Lois O'Grady read us a couple poems that she wrote. She is a poet and has won several prizes.

Bridge report � Marlys Jensen won and Jean Whitman was second.

Golf report � Today we played �Guess Your Score.� Edith Nelson guessed closest to her score so thusly � she is our winner.

Dominoes report � Today there were three tables and about 16 players. They played: High, Low, High, Low.  Round 1 was �High� � Darlene Engbrecht, Sally Gilbertson and Agnes Mockler. Round 2  �Low� � Barb Boone, Mary Bartels, and Agnes Mockler. Round 3  �High� � Dori Ryan, Mary Bartels, and Vaneta Youngworth. Total Score was �Low� � Barb Boone, Rose Mary and Babe Hurowitz.

Men�s Senior Fun League

Eighteen golfers participated in a match play game on Tuesday, July 5.

The team of Bob Solomon, Louie Fostvedt and Dave Zimmer defeated the team of Alan Clem, Jim Reed and Cleland Cook.  Bob Solomon made a 102-foot chip shot on the 13th hole.

Ken Beringer, Elmer Mount and Guy Button won the match against Dick Burbach, Milo Gilbertson and Ray Lynn.  Guy Button made a 30-foot birdie putt on the 15h hole.

The team of Pat Boyle, Don Baer, and Rex Huska won a close match against the team of Shortly Hanson, Bob Lund and Lloyd Helseth.  Bob Lund made a 33-foot putt on #12.

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