Bluffs Report: July 29, 2011

Men's senior golf league
Twenty-two seniors turned out to play at 9 a.m. on a warm Tuesday morning, July 26.

A match play format was used on the back 9 of The Bluffs.

In a two-man team match, Dick Burbach and Bob Lund won against the team of Ken Beringer and Shorty Hanson.  The other matches were between three-man teams.

The team of Ross King, Pat Boyle and Louie Fostvedt won in a close match over the team of Sid Davis, Dave Zimmer and Alan Clem.  In another close match Bob Solomon, Lloyd Helseth and Cleland Cook defeated Harlan Schott, Mo Marcotte and Guy Batton.  Cleland sank a 22 ft. birdie putt on #10.  The team of Max Anderson, Gary Prasek, and Ray Lynn won the match against the team of Turk Pilker, Don Baer and Kim Reed.

Seniors are invited to come to golf with the group.  Golfing starts on Tuesdays at 9 a.m. Please come before 8:45 a.m. so you can get assigned to a team.

Wednesday morning ladies golf league
June 21 was not quite as HOT for the Wednesday Morning Ladies but still a bit humid!

Twenty-two ladies ventured out today for luncheon and friendship.

Dori Ryan and Brenda Chatham were our dessert ladies. They had a delicious variety and yes I did try ALL of them.

Anita White and Lorraine Brunick were our $5 winners. Glad you could be here today Lorraine.

Quarters were won by: Janet Hof, Glennis Stewart, Joan Olson, Darlene Engbrecht, Beth Silvano, Barb Boone, and me (Pat Steckelberg).

Bridge report: Last week the winner was Ellie Davis and Lois O�Grady and this week Ellie Davis for 1st and Virginia Johnson was 2nd. Lucky, lucky Ellie!!

Golf report: There were two players � Edith Nelson got first and Karine Amundsen was second. 

Dominoes report:  There were three tables, so there was plenty of competition! Round 1 � Eileen Turner, Barb Boone, and Rose Mart. Round 2 � Babe Hurowitz, Karine Amundsen, and Brenda Chatham. Round 3 � Eileen Turner, Rula Hatch, and Rose Mart. Total Score � Janet Hof, Rula Hatch, and Agnes Mockler.

WELL fights humidity
WELL (Wednesday Evening Ladies League) tried to play golf on July 13 but were rained off the course after two holes. The rain didn�t dampen our fun. A few women while drying out played a boisterous game of 31.

Last week was not rained out on July 20 even if there was 90 percent humidity in the air.  A few breezes kept us cool and the gnats at bay although there was some biting flies.

Tonight was Barb Weyhrich�s lucky night. She won the longest putt on #11, she had a birdie on #12 and was low net with a 29. Congratulation Barb! Mary Gauer was the second best golfer tonight with a birdie on #13 and low gross of 39.  Good job ladies!

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