Coyoteopoly funds allow city to place banners

Thirty promotional banners placed on light poles along Cherry Street have not been up for long, but have already generated positive responses from community members. (Photo by David Lias)

Learn. Grow. Build. Enjoy.

These are the messages people see when traveling down one of Vermillions main drags, thanks to a project that arose through the cooperation of the city of Vermillion and the University of South Dakotas Coyoteopoly program.

About two weeks ago, banners bearing one of these four words were raised on 30 poles lining Cherry Street.

City Manager John Prescott said it was the final step in a process that lasted more than one year.

The spring 2010 Coyoteopoly group raised money for a couple of different items, and one of the items they provided funding for was for some banners along Cherry Street, Prescott said. They gave us the money for 24 banners. We went back to them later on when 30 poles were identified, and this past spring they gave us a little bit of additional money so we could do 30 banners instead of 24.

The banners were designed last year, after which time it was determined where exactly they could be hung.

Our city engineering staff worked with the Department of Transportation in terms of which poles could have the banners on them, Prescott said. They typically do not like them to be placed on a pole that also has traffic signals or any sort of traffic control device.

He said the banners were designed to incorporate local flavor by featuring Charlie Coyote, as well as other images from the community.

Although they havent been on view for long, theyre already generating some positive responses, Prescott added.

Weve had a couple comments. I know the Chamber has had comments, he said. People have called (and asked), Where did those come from? They look nice. All the comments weve had have been positive.

Prescott said he does not believe there has ever been a permanent display such as this along the street in the past.

I think there might have been some decorations that may have had a holiday message on them along Cherry Street pre- the reconstruction of the street a couple years ago, he said. Im not aware that there were ever actually banners along Cherry Street.

He extended his thanks to everyone who helped bring the project to fruition.

I really appreciate the work of Coyoteopoly to provide funding for a project like this, he said. I think these are really neat things that help create a positive image of the community as visitors come into our community on Cherry Street. Its just a very nice partnership between the university and the city.

Messages left to a Coyoteopoly representative were not returned as of press time.

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