Firecracker Fourth!

Payton Griese, 5, was appropriately dressed in red, white and blue as she played on an inflatable slide in Barstow Park during Vermillions Fourth of July festivities Monday evening. She is the daughter of Melissa and Shane Griese, Vermillion.

Two-and-a-half-year-old Ella Messersmith sits very still as she gets her face painted at the PTA booth at Barstow Park Monday evening during Vermillions Fourth of July celebration. The artist applying the paint is Marina Sereda. Ella is the daughter of Tyler and Jessi Messersmith of Vermillion.

Brock Gullett gives his all during Hy-Vees 5th Annual Hot Dog Championship, held in Barstow Park Monday evening as part of Vermillions Fourth of July festivities. First and second place winners among women competitors were Kimberly Andreas and Kelly Sandland, and among the men, Glen Schmidt won first prize and Richard Zephier took home second place honors. The first and second place winners received $100 and $50, respectively.

Photos by David Lias

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