Law changes medical card filing for CDL holders

A new law that took effect Friday changes the schedule under which holders of commercial driver licenses (CDL) must file medical certificates with the South Dakota Driver Licensing Program.

Prior to the new law, CDL holders subject to federal physical qualification requirements were required to provide a medical examiner�s certificate each time they renewed their license. Commercial Driver Licenses must be renewed every five years.

The new law, passed by the 2011 Legislature to bring the State into compliance with federal motor-carrier rule changes, requires a medical card to be filed each time the CDL holder receives a new card. Typically, CDL holders subject to the physical qualification requirements must renew their medical certificate every two years. That means those individuals must provide the South Dakota Driver Licensing Program with that new card every two years.

�The new law doesn�t change who must meet the medical-card requirement and it doesn�t change the physical qualifications,�� said Cindy Gerber, Director of the South Dakota Driver Licensing Program. �It simply requires that a medical card be filed with us each time a new one is received.��

The Driver Licensing Program keeps those cards on file and provides them to law enforcement upon request. Gerber said persons subject to the physical qualifications requirements and issued a CDL after July 1, 2011, will receive a notice 60 days before their current medical card expires.

The medical cards may be provided to the Driver Licensing Program by:

� Mail to South Dakota Driver Licensing Program, 118 W. Capitol, Pierre, SD, 57501.

� By fax to (605) 773-3018.

� Or scanned and emailed to

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