Sesquicentennial Highlights


Back in 1917, the Olier Delaurier farm five miles east of Vermillion was sold at auction last Monday, the 569 acres being divided into three tracts.  C. E. Prentis was the high bidder for the improved 360 acres, paying $134.50 an acre.  John Bruyer gets 99 acres across the road south of his home farm at $100 per acre. 

Guss and Jacobsen Bakery advertised �Bevo�, the unequaled non-intoxication cereal beverage.

On October 2, 1907 the formal dedication of the new Catholic Church took place.  The Rev. Father T. L. Flood arrived in Vermillion, October 2, 1902 and has been the pastor of the Vermillion church since that time.

Plans were being made for a reception for Chas. Warren Fairbanks, Vice President of the United States, who was to speak in Vermillion October 19, 1907.

Back to 1957, an application for federal aid in the construction of a sewage treatment system for Vermillion is being prepared by the city officials for the consideration of the proper federal agency.  The estimated cost of the proposed treatment plant of the lagoon type would be about $125,000, not including the purchase of the property upon which the lagoon system would be constructed.  It may be possible to receive federal aid of about $38,000 for the project.  All cities along the Missouri River that dump sewage into the river have been asked to construct sewage disposal systems in keeping with the anti-pollution program of state and federal agencies.

The new front on the Masonic building on Main Street is an attractive addition to the business district.  Four years ago a civic improvement committee of the Chamber of Commerce proposed that all owners of Main Street business property consider improvements to the fronts of the buildings before 1959 when the city will celebrate its centennial.

The Central Natural Gas Company will rent you a clothes dryer for only $5.00 per month.  And husbands you can solve two of your Christmas gifts at once by purchasing a Universal Range for your wife and you will get an electric train free for your son.

Sputnik # 1 passed over the Vermillion area early Monday night at a height of about 260 miles.  The satellite and rocket crossed this area from northwest to southeast according to Professor Howell of Yankton College.  Professor Howell is in charge of the moon watch team observations in Yankton.

In 1917, the Coyotes lost to Notre Dame in a football game played at South Bend, Indiana, by a score of 40-0.

END 1957

Begin 1958

One of Vermillion�s oldest places of business, the G. Meisenholder Co, general merchandise store, will be closing.  The sale begins January 2, 1958 and will continue until all stock and fixtures are sold.  The business first originated in 1869 by two pioneer merchants, Andrew Lee and C. E. Prentiss and was called the Lee and Prentiss Store.  The store was in lower Vermillion until the flood of 1881.  At that time it was opened on the corner of Main and Market Streets on top of the bluff.  It was operated under the name of Lee and Prentiss until Gottlieb Meisenholder purchased the business on April 1, 1919.  The sons and daughter of Mr. Meisenholder continued to operate the business after his death.  It was a one stop shopping place in Vermillion where the whole family could be clothed, dry goods purchased, and the family pantry could be stocked with groceries.  B. A. Meisnehilder was in charge of men�s clothing, Walter Meisenholder was in charge of the shoe department.  Mrs. Paula Schmierer managed the women�s dress department.  Another son managed the grocery department.  Mrs. Jens Jorgensen, Miss Tiffany and Miss Chaussee were employed in the dry goods and gift area of the store.  Many other Vermillion residents were employed there over the years.  The store was a mini mall long before it�s time.

A total of 224 births were recorded in 1957.  Also filed this year were 112 �delayed births� with many of the births dating back prior to 1900.  There were 71 recorded deaths in 1957 in Clay County.

The farmers are being advised to be on the lookout for cattle rustlers.  Six calves, a saddle, a bridle, and a blanket were taken from the Hoveland farm near Wakonda last Wednesday evening.  Other thefts have been reported in Union County.  It is surmised that the prowlers drive country roads in a truck looking for farms in which no one appears to be at home.

The Wince Hardware store is being moved from 5 Market Street to a new location in the former O. P. Skaggs building on Main Street.

Meisenholder Motor Company is pleased to announce they have acquired the dealership for the new Vauxhall, Europe�s most distinguished economy car.  This 1958 4 door super car sells for $2050.00 delivered in Vermillion.  It gets 35 miles to the gallon, cruises at 80 miles an hour and is easy to park.  The price includes heater, directional signals, oil bath, 5 tires, custom upholstery, twin sun visors, arm rests and twin windshield wipers.  Come in for a demonstration ride and economy deal at Vermillion�s Foreign Car Headquarters.

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