Sesquicentennial Highlights


A grand opening event for the new super market built at the corner of Austin Avenue and Kidder Street by Tom Rabusch and Bud Christenson will be held this weekend beginning today and continuing through Saturday.  The new store will be known as Tom and Bud�s Super Value.  Some of the features of the new store include an electric eye automatic opening exit door, and three automatic checkout stands.

An estimated 3000 people attended the open house at the Dakota Nursing Home on Sunday afternoon.  The dedication ceremony was held at 1:30 pm.  This is the first time the building has been opened to the public.  The first residents will move into the facility on May 1st.

USD scholarship committees awarded 18 more scholarships to high school seniors for the 1957-58 school year.  Scholarship grants are for the new tuition rate of $108.00 per year.

A letter to the Editor states:  �I too would like to make a plea for the dogs of our fair city.  At least two drinking fountains placed in the business district would make our dog friends very happy, I am sure.  They need a great deal of water and cannot ask for it as we humans do�.  Signed:  A Vermillion Resident.

The Citizens Advisory Committee has made a study of the city manager form of government.  The study shows it has many advantages and may be suitable for our city, particularly if such city manager would be a person with engineering training and could perform the usual duties of the engineer in addition to duties as city manager. Before a change to such a plea is further considered, however, the committee feels that extensive study should be considered to determine its overall advantage to the city.

The big Thrift Shop Jamboree, sponsored by the Civic Council is termed as a big success.  The Jamboree was held at the National Guard Armory and the total sales for the days activities totaled $1475.65.  All the proceeds were donated to the Dakota Nursing Home.  Mrs. Harold Brookman, general chairman of the Jamboree reported that everyone seemed happy over the outcome of the event.  The people donating items were glad to get rid of things they no longer needed and the people buying were glad to obtain items at bargain prices.  Previous events staged by the Civic Council have already brought in $890.00 for the Nursing Home making a grand total of about $2360.00.  The Civic Council will stage at least two more Thrift Sales on July 31 and October 29th.

The local Vermillion National Guardsmen filled 50,000 sandbags in their battle to protect farm lands against flood waters that poured down the Vermillion River.

The Vermillion Fire Department has a new truck.  It is a tank truck that is especially designed for rural fires.  The tank holds 1,000 gallons of water that can be pumped directly onto the fire from the tanker itself.  It was put to work a week after its arrival when a fire broke out at the Ralph Rasmussen home.  Vermillion residents can do the fireman a service by not racing to the fires and causing traffic jams on the rural roads and city streets.

The new School of Business building at USD was opened for classes on Monday.  Classes were held this week in the three classrooms that are air conditioned.

More than 300 teen ages attended a dance Monday night at the Eagles Hall. Johnny Harnois Rhythm Kings played for the dance.  The dance was sponsored for the young people by The Eagles Club.

The deed for the old Austin School  has been transferred to the City of Vermillion.  No money was involved except the token payment of one dollar.  The building is about 50 years old. No plans for the use of the property by the city have been made at this time.

Weekend specials at Jacobsen Bakery include Danish Rye, loaf, 24 cents; Raisin Bread, loaf 26 cents; Chocolate Frosted Doughnuts, dozen 45 cents; nut squares, each 5 cents; plain cake donuts, 33 cents per dozen.

Miss Ann Vaith closed her dining place of nearly 50 years last week.  The dining place was at her home on Forest Avenue.  Sunday was always the biggest day of the week when she served 60 to 80 people Sunday dinner.  The food was always served family style.  She hired many University boys as waiters during the many years she was open.  Ann said it is very lonesome without the crowd at her tables every week.

Vermillion is preparing this week to welcome the 2,000 or more University students who will return to the city during the coming week to get ready for the new school year.

Bids on a 4-door Pontiac, equipped as to specification, for $3,780.45 was accepted from Meisenholder Motors for the new police car.

The Sheriff put a damper on a check artist who was writing checks with no bank accounts to back them up.  This changed the transient�s status from a visitor to Vermillion to a temporary resident of the county jail for 30 days.  He cashed nine checks ranging from $3.00 to $8.00 at several Vermillion stores.

The Better Business Bureau is warning residents of smaller towns to be careful in buying knick-knacks from �salesmen� and gyp artists that move through smaller communities to peddle all kinds of things.  In spite of all the warnings against such fly-by-night operators the slick salesmen seem to manage to do a pretty good business year after year.  Trading at home with people you know has a real value for the buyer as well as the seller.

In 1907 President Erickson, President Gault and Dean Sterling determined that the site for the new law library will be on the campus directly north of the center of Willow Street facing west.

In 1917, at 4 o�clock in the morning, the residents were awakened by the mill whistle and a parade of about 1500 people marched down Main Street to give twenty seven young men a send-off to Camp Funston, Ft. Riley, KS.  The men left Vermilion on the train at 6:00 am.

In the same year, (1917), M. J. Chaney, chairman for Clay County Liberty Loan Committee, announced that the goal for Clay County is $250,000 in Liberty Bonds.

Gordon Larson, who has just opened up a new dining room at the Cavalier Drive-In, told me yesterday that the rotisseries used for the broasted chicken they serve are a very expensive piece of machinery and they have the only ones around here.

The official U.S. Air Force Band will present two concerts Monday, Oct. 21st at Slagle Auditorium.  Tickets for the matinee are 75 cents and $1.00 for the evening concert.  Students will be admitted with their activity ticket.

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