Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the files of the Plain Talk


The new Cavalier Drive-In Caf�, which has been built by Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Larson on Highway 50, will open this week.

One year Certificates of Deposit have a guaranteed interest rate of 2 � percent at The National Bank of South Dakota.  Savings accounts earn 2 percent interest.

Clifford�s Market, �The Friendly Little Grocery Store� is open from 7:45 am to 10 pm for all of your food needs.

The City Council has approved one new full time man be added to the police force.  This addition makes it possible to have two men on duty throughout the night hours.  Arnold Nelson was appointed by Mayor Patterson and began his duties on July 3rd.  His salary was set at $250.00 a month.  Adjusted salaries were approved for Chief P. F. Purcell at $325.00 per month; David Siljenberg, $265.00 per month, E. W. McDonald $255.00 per month.

A local resident visited in New York City recently and brought home a menu from the Promenade Caf� in Rockefeller Center.  Here is an example of what a meal can cost at such a place.  Filet Mignon, $5.50 (for meat alone); mashed potatoes, 45 cents; vegetable, 45 cents,  (spinach); bread and butter, 15 cents per slice; salad, 65 cents to $3.25, (lettuce, Lobster); lemon meringue pie, 50 cents; 1 cup coffee, 40 cents.  Total bill with lettuce salad, $7.65; with asparagus and lobster salad, $11.05.

Two Vermillion men left by boat on Sunday morning for a vacation trip to New Orleans.  Junior Iverson and Tom Chaney are traveling in a 16 foot aluminum run about boat with a 30 horse power motor.  They are carrying their own food, fuel, and cameras with them.  The boat has a convertible top in case of bad weather.  They figure the trip will take them about ten days.  That means they will have to average about 230 miles a day over the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.  The first mishap occurred only minutes after they departed Sioux City when the boat hit a sandbar.  The boat was freed and the trip resumed.  Family and friends are planning to drive to New Orleans with a boat trailer to meet the adventurers on the completion of their trip.

The County assessed valuation is up $2,909,164.00 over last year.  This includes both real estate and personal property.

The National Bank of South Dakota building on the corner of Main and Court Streets will add an addition of 52 X 22 feet to the rear of the building.  The addition will be of concrete block, will be air conditioned and will add about 1200 feet of additional space.  It will house the banks bookkeeping department.

Clay County has been declared a �Drought area� according to an announcement from Washington.  Information has been received from the state ASC office to the affect that all corn on land which has been placed in acreage reserve must be destroyed by August 3.  It must be disked at least once or mowing or some other means so that no corn will be reproduced.  The announcement added that corn acreage which is destroyed may be grazed until August 31, but may not be cut to be fed.

The dollar tax levy to meet the budgeted operating costs of the Vermillion schools was set at $8,000.00 less than the figure for last year.  The dollar levy to be raised through taxes is $183,000.00 compared with a levy of $191,000.00 for the last year.  For the 1956-57 school year the Board of Education approved a total operating budget of $259,829.00 on the basis of figures and estimates prepared by Supt. H. O. Vanden Berge.

The enrollment at USD may hit nearly 2000 this year.

Between 1855 and 1881 no less than 19 steamboats on the Missouri in South Dakota were wrecked, burned, destroyed by ice or a falling bank.

The average assessed value per acre of agricultural land in Clay County is $97.23 per acre.  Last year, in 1955, the valuation was $55.43 per acre.  This places Clay County the second highest among all counties in the state.  Union County is the highest with a value of $103.78 per acre.

Mary Pickford, famous screen star of the motion picture industry will speak in Vermillion tonight.  She is on a nation tour in behalf of the candidacy of President Eisenhower.  The Pickford party will arrive about 5:30 by plane and will be dinner guests at the Evergreen Restaurant at 7:30 pm.  Miss Pickford will speak at the Co-Ed Theatre at 9:30 pm.  The public is invited.

The March Theatre building, a familiar land mark on Main Street for some 50 years, will be torn down.  The building was first built as the city hall, and later housed the City Theatre.  In 1927, J. F. March became the owner and it became the home of the March Theatre.  The ground was the first site of Vermillion�s first City Hall following the flood of 1881.

The city manager form of municipal government was the discussion topic at the meeting of the citizen advisory committee on city government.

If any of you women haven�t tried the stuffed frozen turkeys that were new here on the market this year, they are highly recommended.  They are so delicious and easy to fix that they are worth the extra ten cents a pound that one has to pay for it.  The directions come with it and all one has to do is take off the plastic bag, brush it with butter, stick it frozen in a hot oven and brown for an hour or so, then cover and bake in a slow oven until tender.  A husband can even do it and probably will be real proud of the beautiful turkey he brings to the table.

The first reports of unidentified objects being sighted by Vermillion residents was reported to the Plain Talk this week.  Someone reported seeing moving white spots that changed to a bright red, travelling from west to east.  A police officer who parked his car on the bluff reported seeing some peculiar red and green lights in the sky.  Yankton police reported seeing the same things.

Ten senior USD students from Vermillion have been serving during the past several weeks as practice teachers at VHS.  Barbara Seiler is teaching pupils in the 5th grade at Austin School; Charlotte Olson works with the 2nd grade at Austin School; Robert Mead, a grad student in Zoology is teaching General Science in Jr. High School. Carol Reedy, a math major is teaching 9th grade Algebra; Bob Yeado, is teaching a high school class in History.  Mary Ekman is teaching a sophomore English class; Arlis Sorenson, a home economics major, is teaching a ninth grade Home Economics class;  Ruth Fairbanks is teaching a sophomore typing class and Nancy Hoy is practice teaching an English Class and Nancy England teaches a 9th grade class in Home Economics.

End 1956

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