4-H Public Presentations contest held

The 2011 Clay County 4-H Public Presentation contest was held on July 26 at the 4-H Center in Vermillion.  Participants had the opportunity to present in four different categories: illustrated talks, demonstrations, public speaking, or project why.  Twelve 4-H members from Clay County participated. The contest was judged by Aimee Sorensen and Beverly Kennedy.

There were seven illustrated talks presented. Amanda Havermann taught us all how to be on guard for dangerous situations when biking in her talk �Be Road Smart.� Amanda proudly took home a purple ribbon.  Erika Fallan and Shayla Kiertzner took home a purple ribbon for their team talk �Alligator Breath� where they demonstrated how to properly take care of our teeth and the consequences for those who do not take good care of their teeth. Erika also presented a talk on photography called �Say Cheese� which earned her a blue ribbon. 

Kara Mulheron taught everyone how to play her favorite summer sport, softball, in her talk �How to Learn to Play Softball.� She took home a blue ribbon. This year we had three seniors present illustrated talks. Taylor Geu received a purple ribbon for his talk �How to Write a Story in 500 Words or Less.� Ellen Hanson told us the importance of using the rule of thirds for taking your photos in her talk �The Rule of Thirds� which she received a purple ribbon for. Purple ribbon winner Marley Hanson told us about the tree killing disease Ash Anthracnose in her talk �Ash Anthracnose: Funny Name, Serious Disease.�

There were six demonstration presented at the Clay County contest.  We had three beginners present demonstrations this year. Phillip Hauck taught us how to pot our own flowers in his demonstration �Goldy and the Three Pots� which received a blue ribbon. Nicole Hauck took home a blue ribbon for her demonstration on frosting glass jars �Starlight, Starbright.� Kelly Mulheron took us into the kitchen to show us how to make seafood salad in her demonstration �How to Make a Seafood Caesar Pasta Salad.�  She received a blue ribbon.  Tyler Hauck dazzled us with his musical skills in �Trumpet Time with Tyler.�  Hailey Freidel demonstrated how to make bracelets in her demonstration �Easy and Fun Way to Make a Bracelet� which earned her a purple ribbon.

Clay County 4-H member, Pearl Gaidelis, gave two illustrated talk presentations at the Yankton County Public Presentation contest. She received a purple ribbon on �Preparing a Winter Survival Kit� and a blue ribbon on �Super Foods.�

Participants who received a purple ribbon on their presentations are now able to compete at the public presentations contest at the 2011 South Dakota State Fair on Sept. 1-5  in Huron.

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