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Beautiful evening for WELL golfers

It was just a beautiful evening for WELL Aug. 10. The sun is setting sooner with some long shadows across the greens. Fall is just around the corner.

There was some reconstruction being done on the ladies tees on #8 and #5. The tee was set forward on #8 and wasn�t much of a problem, but the tee on #5 was set back to the whites. Most of the WELL ladies should be able to make the green but most of us just had a problem judging the distance and changing our mindset for the hole. We just looked at it as a learning experience and appreciated the work being done on the ladies tee boxes.

Mary Gauer was the big winner tonight. She won: 1)longest putt on #2 (very long), 2)low gross 37, 3)low net 29, 4) and birdied #2 and #6. Nice job Mary! Pat Durkin also had a birdie on #8 (the short hole). Lynette Wolf won the 50/50 of $4.50. Next week will be the last league night for the year. It was great fun .

Wednesday Evening Ladies League Aug. 10, 2011

Team Points Won

1. Divit Divas 46

2. Two Putts 46

3. Bluffs Babes 43.5

4. Now We Are Fore 42.5

5. Lucky Shots 40

6. Birdie Bound 38.5

7. Wedgies – Boxers 33.5

8. Wedgies – Briefs 32

9. Lopez Sisters 30

10. ShankFord Wives 29.5

11. Fairway Fliers 26.5

12. Not Bluffing 10

Wednesday Ladies Have a Great Day

Aug. 10 was a great day…great for golfing and friendships!

There were 22 lovely ladies at the luncheon today. The food (thanks to Cherry Street Grille and Jon) was great. Love those taco salads!! Yum!!

Irma Burbach and Shirley Raab provided the desserts and they were delicious!

Our $5 drawings were won by: Rose Mart and Irma Burbach.

Quarters: Shirley Raab, Irma Burbach, Janet Hof, Lois O'Grady, Thelma Raines, and (Yes) Thelma Raines. No I did not hiccup…Thelma put in extra like someone else we all know.

Did anyone notice that there was one other lady that was very lucky? Yes, Irma.

Mary Bartels has some laughter making stories which gave us all some extra time on our years to remain on this lovely planet.  We also had the privilege of hearing a poem by Lois O�Grady.

Bridge report:  Shirley Raab and Irma Burbach were the winners � I think! I don�t know if it is winner or �High,� �Low� and what those mean but they were the ones.  Notice Irma � again. Shirley is mentioned a few times also.

Gosh! Maybe some of the reason of us will be lucky next week. Be sure to come and see.

Golf Report: There were three of us today. I had to leave after the eighth hole to do Meals On Wheels � need to feed the hungry!! We played �Low Putts.� That means we had to try harder to NOT putt too many times.

Edith Nelson had total � 17,  Darlene Engbrecht had 19, and I (even though I might have had a LOT on the ninth green) had 18. No matter what, Edith was the winner!

Dominoes report:  Not sure if there was a title, but I bet lots of FUN so we shall call it that! There were three tables.

Round 1 � Brenda Chatham, Darlene Enbrecht, and Eileen Turner.

Round 2 � Janet Hof, Joan Olson, and Agnes Mockler.

Round 3 � Sue Kappenmann, Joan Olson, and Agnes Mockler.

Total score � Janet Hof, Joan Olson, and Agnes Mockler.

Appears Joan and Agnes were the LUCKY ones at dominoes. Well, maybe they had skill? No matter what, they all had fun!

Come see what we do for fun: golf, card games, dominoes and lunch. You will be hooked and want to join us next season.  Catch ya all later.

Senior Men�s Fun League

On Aug. 16, 24 players signed up to play.  Teams of three were separated and played in two flights, once from the white tees and one from the red tees.

Winners on the white tees were the team of Bob Solmon, Cleland Cook and Dick Burbach with a 34.  Taking second with a 35 was Max Anderson, Milo Gilbertson and Gene Iverson.  Winners off the red tees at 35 were the team of Ken Beringer, Mo Marcotte and Lloyd Helseth. 

Taking second with a 40 was Vern Holter, Jerry Sandy and Guy Button.  The only long putt of the day was actually an eagle by Cleland Cook on #18 where he sank 21 footer for this honor.

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