Bluffs Bulletin: August 26, 2011

Senior Men�s Fun League

Twenty-four players signed up to play on Aug. 23.  The format of the day was match play.  Winning teams in no particular order were: Sid Davis, Rex Huska and Milo Gilbertson; Turk Pilker, Cleland Cook and Allen Clem; Bob Lund, Guy Button and Dick Kellogg; Dick Burbach, Jim Reed and Don Baer. 

Long birdie putts for this session were Max Anderson with a 45 footer at #8 and Bob Lund a 15 footer at #5.  The Senior Men will move to afternoons on Sept. 13, which is the second Tuesday in September.

Wednesday Evening Ladies League

August 17 was the last night for regular league play.  The weather was very cooperative but that darn sun keeps setting sooner and sooner. We have to be sure and keep moving or we may not have enough sunlight to finish. 

Pat Durkin was the big winner tonight with both longest putt on #15 and she won the 50/50 of a whole $3. Both Mary Gauer and Mary Mock had birdies tonight on holes #3 and #2 respectively.  Low gross was Ruby Plate with a 39 and low net was Cathy Chandler with a 32. Congratulations ladies! 

Don�t forget to join us for Fun Night next week.

Wednesday Morning Ladies enjoy time together at the Bluffs

By Pat Steckelberg

Aug. 18 was another great day. I could not be present but there were 21 ladies at the luncheon.

Edith Nelson and Agnes Mockler were the ladies with the desserts. I am sure they were all  great!

The $5 drawings were won by: Joan Olson and Ramona Kellogg (she miraculously drew her own name!)

The quarters were won by: Barb Boone, Rose Mart, Darlene Engbrecht, Mary Bartels, Janet Hof, and Lorraine Brunick.

The ladies talked about Joan Olson winning BEST OF SHOW in the quilts open class at the Clay County Fair.  Maxine Raab a BLUE RIBBON for her afgan.  Great job to you two ladies. I went to the fair and saw their entries … they were fantastic.

Bridge report: none today as Ellie was not present and will give the report next week.

Golf report: There were 3 golfers and the game of the day was Bingo Bango Bongo.

Edith Nelson was the winner.  Today they played on the back nine.

Dominoes report:  The game was about medal like at the Olympics. There were three tables.

Round 1: Rose Mart, Mary Bartels, and Dori Ryan.

Round 2: Darlene Engbrecht, Babe Hurowitz, and Maxine Raab.

Round 3: Joan Olson, Mary Bartels, and Agnes Mockler.

Total Score: Judy Sullivan, Vaneta Youngworth, and Sue Kappenmann.

There is always something at The Bluffs on Wednesday to do. Come out and see.

Catch ya at the Bluffs!

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