Dist 17 Rep. Tom Jones attends DOT meeting

District 17 State Rep. Tom Jones attended a regional DOT meeting in Sioux Falls July 26.  DOT Director Joel Jundt conducted the meeting which gave the 50+ attendees a tentative 2012-2016 transportation improvement program.

Each year federal funding plays an important role in maintenance of our state�s state highways.  Because money is so tight, the DOT plans are to fix and repair our existing roads rather than construct new four lane roads in and out of some cities.  They reported that if we fix roads annually rather than let them get too bad, it saves approximately six times that amount to completely re-do the road.

Rather than report on all five years tentative schedule, Rep. Jones decided to report on 2012 only.

For Clay County in 2012, the following roads will be worked on:

From Yankton/Clay County line to Vermillion; SD 50 E from east of Mekling to the Junction with SD 50 L, and SD 50 L ,SD 50 EL and SD 50 WL from the junction with SD 50 to the beginning of the concrete in Vermillion.  This project will entail grading and PCCP Surfacing; Mill and AC Overlay at an approximate cost of $11,959,000.

The intersection of Cherry Street and Rose Street in Vermillion.  This project is a traffic signal and ADA at a cost of $188,000.

SD 50 � 2.0NW, 1.0NW and the east edge of Vermillion over SD 50L/railroad, the Vermillion River, and SD 50L;  SD19, Str #14-107-194 1.2 N of SD 5- over the Vermillion River.  This project entails deck overlay, epoxy chip seal, replace bridge rail, approach guard rail and approach pavement, adding berm repair, abutment repair, joint replacement at a cost of $1,734,000.

Stanford Street from Main Street to Cherry Street in Vermillion.  This repair consists of PE, grading, storm sewer, C and G, PCCP paving, lighting, bike path at a cost of $748,000.

Various county city and township roads in Clay County.  This concerns signage and delineation at a cost of $600,000.

At the location of 7 S and 14.1 E of Irene over Baptist Creek.  Structure and approach grading at an expense of $277,000.

South of Centerville on SD 19A for 1.5 miles upgrades for curb ramps at a cost of $355,000.

Several people spoke and pleaded their cases.  Each had a particular community they were speaking for.  Madison, Harrisburg, and Lennox all asked for a 4 lane road to be constructed for many reasons. Yankton also spoke on the existing 4 lane highway through their community.

2013-2016 years have tentative scheduled work also.  The tentative 2012 funding by facility for the DOT is $306,490,000, with $249,380,000 for highways, $24,820,000 for bridges, $20,820,000 for safety and $12.020,000 classified as �other�.

You may look at the entire five year tentative work schedule by going to the DOT website, which is: www.sdddot.com

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