Kids get cardio workout at skipping rope event

Sixty-six jumpers ranging in age from 3 to 14 took part in Join in Jump Rope held at the Clay County Fair Friday. The event was sponsored by Sanford Vermillion. (Photo by David Lias)

When kids were jumping ropes to Kriss Krosss Jump song at a jump rope event Friday afternoon at the Clay County Fair, they werent just doing it for fun. They were getting a good cardio work out.

The Join in Jump Rope event was sponsored by Sanford Health and was part of the Clay County Fair that began Wednesday and ended Saturday. The kids who took part in the event had a great time. They learned that jumping rope does get your heart pumping, said Mary C. Merrigan, director of public relations, Sanford Vermillion.

The jump song was also longer than most kids are probably used to jumping rope, giving them a good cardio work out, she said.

Sixty-six jumpers ages 314 participated in the event, setting a new Clay County record for kids jumping rope at the same time. Last year, which was also the first year for Join in Jump Rope, the event had set a record with 38 jumpers ages 7-17. The participants each received a free jump rope from Sanford.

We had 66 kids who jumped rope on Friday afternoon from different age groups. They all wanted to have some fun exercise and break last years record jumping at once, said Carol Lavin, the organizer of the event.

Exercise is important for kids and doing it together in a large group can be even more fun! My son and daughter participated and they brought friends to join in. Kids who participated also got to keep their jump ropes, hoping they would continue the healthy exercise at home as well. said Carol, who is also a Sanford Wellness Nurse.

In the past, Sanford provided health screenings or set up an information booth at the fair. In 2010, they organized the first Join in Jump Rope event at the fair to involve youth in skipping sport whose health benefits include improved cardio fitness, muscle strength and flexibility.

Carols daughter, Maddie Lavin, 11, who participated in the event, said she had fun jumping rope.I really didnt realize how much time I spent skipping rope because I was really enjoying it, she said. Jumping rope gets you up and going and its good for your health.

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