Sesquicentennial highlights


A big research parachute landed south of Vermillion on Sunday.  The object draped over trees for half a black or more with a capsule and some 10 boxes hanging through the branches.  Whirring and clicking noises were heard coming from one of the boxes.  A tag with instructions for the finder to call Winzen Research, Inc., in Minneapolis was on the tag.  Mr. Ted Dolney called the firm and was informed that a crew would fly to Vermillion on Monday morning.  All the equipment was recovered undamaged.

A new automatic Laundromat will be opened in April at the former City Market building on Market Street.  The laundry will have 20 laundry units and 6 automatic dryers.  The building is undergoing extensive remodeling and the entire front portion is being replaced with a cement block structure.

On May 1, 1956 the cash resources of the City were $487,058.55.  On Feb. 1, 1958 the resources of the City were $532,608.79.  This statement was signed by R. F. Patterson, Mayor.

The Council Oak National Food Stores have the following specials this week:  Whole hams, 59 cents per lb., Hen turkeys, 49 cents per lb., Butter 59 cents per lb., quart salad dressing, 39 cents, Dole Pineapple, 3 cans, 59 cents, Hershey Bars, plain or almond, carton of 24 bars, 99 cents, Reynolds Wrap, 25 ft roll, 31 cents, Fruit Cocktail, 4 cans $1.00, 4 oz bag English walnuts, 45 cents, Large head lettuce, 17 cents, Large cello bag of Texas carrots, 9 cents, Bananas, 2 lbs. 25 cents.

On Sunday afternoon, a car travelling in reverse backed over the sidewalk and into the window of the Vermillion Beauty Shop.  The window was broken.  A 15 year old driver backed the vehicle out of a parking space a short distance down the street.  The car backed in a circle and came back to the curb and then over the sidewalk.

Father Hugh Wolf has announced that St. Agnes Parish has purchased 7 � acres or 3 city blocks of land south of the Dakota Nursing Home.  It is planned to build a new parish school on this site.  The plans state the school should be started in two years time.

From the �Day�s of Yore� column, in 1918, familiar faces from the Nebraska side are now seen on the streets of Vermilion.  Crossing the ice is now perfectly safe and as a result the Nebraskans are doing some business here.  The Vermillion Ice Company has started its winter harvest and from now on for several days there will be activity down at the boat landing.

A big �boom� startled Vermillion residents late Tuesday night. City police checked the campus area and Sioux Alfalfa Meal Plant while University students and many residents cruised around in cars but there was no evidence to be found of any explosion. One possible explanation is that a high-flying jet airplane broke through the sound barrier over this area.

For years, Vermillion Mayors have presided over meetings of the City Council without benefit of a gavel.  That situation has been remedied.  Mayor Patterson opened the meeting with a brand new attractive gavel on Monday night.  His youthful friend and neighbor, Robert Lewis, Jr., an eighth grader, presented the Mayor a gavel made of walnut that he constructed in his manual training class. On the gavel is a brass plate bearing the inscription, �Pat from Robert�.

The new roller skating rink in the main exhibits building at the Clay County fairgrounds in Vermillion will be opened this Friday night. Both shoe type and clamp-on skates will be available. Mr. Darrell Christensen of Yankton is managing the rink and will also have skates and all accessories for sale. Admission is 50 cents.

Vermillion firemen returned from a week long fire fighting school at Spearfish with a first prize in the truck evaluation competition. Two fireman, Gary Larson and Merle Offerdahl attended first aid classes and received Red Cross first aid certificates.  Others attending the school were Wayne Brunick, John Bell, Joe Reedy, Daryl Kruse, Daryl Jorgensen and L. B. Blast.

The married student apartments are being built on the Pine Street side of the USD campus. There will be 40 apartments and are scheduled for completion this summer.

Grocery specials this week include 7-Up or Coca Cola, 6 bottle cartons, 29 cents. Lean ground beef, 49 cents per lb., red ripe watermelons, 89 cents each, dozen lemons, 39 cents, and King Korn stamps are given with every purchase at Council Oak.

Postmaster Merle Frickey announced this week the cost of postage will go up on August 1st. A regular letter will cost four cents, three cents for a postal card and seven cents for an airmail letter within the weight limit.

�Whoopie� John, America�s favorite polka band is playing at the River Sioux Pavilion, Elk Point, SD, on July 30th. Dance to 50 years of fine old time music.

Thieves broke into the Railway Express Office at the Milwaukee Depot last Friday night. They broke open the safe and took $20.00 in cash and about $2,000.00 in blank money orders and travelers checks.  Also taken were two boxes of clothing which had been received at the office for shipment.

There are 693 Clay County residents receiving Social Security at this time.  It amounts to $35,550.00 a year in payments.  Social Security benefits are being paid nationally at a rate of more than 8 billion dollars annually. Payments to a retired worker average about $65.00 per month.  The average for a widow with 2 young children is $145.00.  The maximum payment for a married couple is $162.80 a month.

The September calendar for Darrell�s Roller Rink as follows:  Saturday night �Beat the Clock�, 7:30-7:45 is half price admission.  Sunday Night, �Skate Your Date�, boys pay admission, girls are free.  No Blue Jeans Allowed; Wednesday night, �Beginners Night�, Tuesday night, �Married Couples Night�, children are free.

Have you tried the new game that is all the rage now � the Hoola Hoop?  It is the most fascinating game � young and old alike, can have fun with it.  It was shown on the Gerry Moore show for the first time last week and now the Vermillion stores have them.

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