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Wednesday morning Ladies� Golf has fun time

Well, Sept. 21 was our second to last gathering.

Thinking of this makes summer (at the time I am writing this � fall!!) a thing of the past for all of us.  I will personally miss these friendships.

 We had 22 ladies for luncheon and that was fantastic!

Mary Bartels, Vaneta Youngworth and Agnes Mockler provided us with the desserts and, yes � they were great. Thanks gals for saving me a piece of cake with a rose on it. I love frosting!

Our $5 drawings were won by Thelma Raines and me (Pat Steckelberg).

Lucky winners of the quarters:  Beth Silvano (twice), June Wagner, Judy Gregoire,

Ann Stewart, Babe Hurowitz, and Ramona Kellogg. Come join us next season � you might be be a winner too. You would be a winner by just joining us as laughter is great for everyone.

A get-well card was sent to Dori Ryan � hope you are getting better everyday!

Bridge report � Last week winners: Glennis Stewart was high and Ramona Kellogg was second. This week: Glennis Stewart (wow! great going Glennis) was high again.

Dominoes report � There were three tables again. Great number!

Round 1:  Ann Stewart, Ramona Kellogg, and Eileen Turner.

Round 2: Ann Stewart, Judy Gregoire, and Mary Bartels.

Round 3: Ann Stewart (again), Rula Hatch, and Darlene Engbrecht.

Total Score: Anita White, Judy Gregoire (another lucky lady), and Darlene Engbrecht (also a lucky lady twice).

 Golf report � It was a bit cool at first today. The wind was not much help in the ball going where we wanted but it was still fun and needless to say. The scores were not bad!

There were two of us today � Edith Nelson and myself.  We still had fun and as always, anyone who comes always gets support and friendly help in our golf game.

 One more day left for the season. Some of the games will continue but maybe in a different setting but the luncheons shall come to an end. Catch you next week!

 Pat Steckelberg


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