Bluffs Bulletin: September 9, 2011

Senior men�s fun league

On Aug. 30, match play was the format of the day.  Twenty players participated with the following teams victorious: Ross King, Dave Zimmer and Dick Burbach; Shorty Hanson, Cleland Cook and Elmer Mount; then the four man team of Bob Lund, Dave Helseth, Louie Fostvedt and Jerry Sandy.

Long putts for the day went to Shorty Hanson with a 39-foot birdie on #12 and to Ross King with a 20 footer on #17.

Wednesday morning Ladies� Golf

August 31 was the last Wednesday of the month but not the end of our getting together for golf, lunch, dominoes and card games.

There is still time to join us at The Bluffs on Wednesday morning and afternoon.

There were 16 ladies present for lunch. Joan Olson and Barb Larson were the hosts. Thanks again Barb for substituting for me. I am sure your desserts were great.

A card was sent to Rula Hatch. Her daughter had passed away. Our prayers are with you Rula and your family.

Vaneta Youngworth and Darlene Engbrecht were the $5 drawing winners. Our quarter winners were:  Ellie Davis, Thelma Raines, Rose Mart, Joan Olson, Beth Silvano and Edith Nelson.

Discussion today was the St. Agnes ice cream social coming up.

The Bridge report is that Virgina Johnson was first and Shirley Raab was second.

Golf report: none today as it was very foggy.

Dominoes report:  There were three tables again.

Round 1 � Maxine Rogers, Rose Mart, and Barb Boone.

Round 2 � Barb Larson, Dori Ryan, and Barb Boone.

Round 3 � Barb Larson, Joan Olson, and Agnes Mockler.

Total Score � Thelma Raines, Dori Ryan, and Barb Boone.

Looks as though the Barb's were the luckiest today. Thank you for showing the last name or even an initial so that I give credit to the proper Barb.  Sorry Barb Larson for not giving you credit in the past when you were the winner. Both of you are very lucky ladies so it was impossible to decide.

We still have four Wednesdays at The Bluffs for luncheon and games. Sometimes golf goes on longer.  Come on down!

Catch ya later, Pat Steckelberg, Reporter

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