Gray-Gregg reunion held at Burbank

The annual Gray-Gregg Reunion of 2011 was held at the Burbank country grade school, with 60 people in attendance.  The country school brought back a lot of memories for so many and children were happy to find the play ground equipment still standing so they could be outside while the adults were holding the meeting.

Those in attendance were Roger and Ethel Dover from Madison, Roger and Avis Walz, Wilma Johnson, LaVerne, CA; Dustin, Paula, Lauryn, Jordyn, Addisyn and Grady Wendte, Kathy Wendte, Travis, Danielle and Sabastian Moorhouse, all of South Sioux City, NE; Junior and Karen Rasmussen, Yankton; Cheri and Mark Brommer, Yankton; David and Sandy Rasmussen, Minneapolis, MN; Randy Rasmussen, Sioux Falls; Dylan and Anna Van Devondel, Sioux Falls; Tim Rasmussen, Sioux Falls; Nancy and John Pierrot, Lennox; Ella Gray Clark, Meckling; Gary Goodburn and Marilyn Kurtz, Cushing IA; Brad, Jennifer, Jacob and Mason Carda, Tabor; Loretta, Jordan and Kylie Jorgenson, Wakonda; Julie and Sarah Felderman, Belle, MN; Elsie Stibral, Brookings; Jim, April, Carson and Hailey Lee, Meckling; Jim and Jan Daggett, Vermillion; Gladys Rasmussen, Vermillion; Jeanne Petersen and Howard Gray, Vermillion; Delores Gregg and Berwyn Svoboda, Vermillion.

The 2012 Gray-Gregg Reunion was held at Burbank country school with Paula Wendte, Jennifer Carda, Kathy Wendte, and Danielle Moorhouse as hostesses.

The family quilt was presented to Delores Gregg who has drawn the winning number.  It was suggested that the family quilt be presented to a different family at each reunion so all can enjoy it.

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