JA of S.D. travels to D.C.

Junior Achievement USA�s fourth �Day on the Hill� took place this week on Capitol Hill. The Day on the Hill event allowed 30 local Junior Achievement (JA) areas, including staff and board members, to meet with their respective Congressional leaders and staff and to have meaningful dialogue with policymakers in the nation�s capital about Junior Achievement�s role in providing free enterprise education in today's economy.

Given the current unemployment rate and economic environment, it is clear that now more than ever, students need a real-world education, through entrepreneurship programs like those offered by JA, in order to learn how to start and grow businesses that will help drive U.S. economic growth and job creation.

JA of South Dakota representatives will have the opportunity to meet with Sen. Tim Johnson, Sen. John Thune, and Congresswoman Kristi Noem.

�We are greatly looking forward to meeting with South Dakota Congressional leaders,� said Felan Ritze, operations director. �Junior Achievement�s ultimate goal is to provide youth with real world knowledge and skills in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship that position them for success in the workforce and in the global economy. We need the support of our Congressional members and staff to expand the reach of these valuable programs.�

Additionally, Junior Achievement USA, the national umbrella organization, will be sharing topline results of a recent national survey of high school juniors� knowledge and attitudes about free enterprise. The survey results demonstrated that only half of the students have ever been taught about entrepreneurship and free enterprise, but nine in 10 believe it is important, further supporting the need for entrepreneurship education.

For nearly 100 years, JA�s mission has been to give young people the knowledge and skills they need to own their economic success, plan for their future and make smart academic and economic choices.  Junior Achievement programs empower students to make a connection between what they learn in school and how it can be applied in the real world � enhancing the relevance of their classroom learning and increasing their understanding of the value of staying in school. Locally, Junior Achievement of South Dakota reaches over 44,000 students.

�JA�s Day on the Hill is a unique opportunity to elevate the collective voice of our 124 area offices in order to rally around a vital cause � providing young people with relevant and responsive learning experiences that will help them, help communities and help America,� said Jack E. Kosakowski, Junior Achievement USA president and chief executive officer.

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