Sesquicentennial highlights


Vern�s Standard Station at the corner of Dakota and Cherry Streets was entered for the second time in two weeks.  Entrance was made exactly the same way both times.  The second time, however, the Vermilion Police escorted the prowler out through the front door after he had entered by way of a window.  Policeman Arnie Nelson was making a regular check of the area at 1:45 am and noticed motion in the station.  He corralled the intruder and had him in handcuffs by the time Police Chief Pat Purcell arrived to aid in the investigation.  The robber was from North Dakota.  He is being held in jail pending further investigation.

In a statement taken before Clay County Authorities, a youth had admitted two burglaries of the Coyote Tavern in Vermillion and also a burglary at the hardware store in Yankton.  Sheriff Leo Wherry said most items have been recovered. The youthful thief stated that items taken from the hardware store had been placed in a pillow case and hidden in a ditch on a township road about two miles east of Vermillion. The pillow case was recovered and items in it included 15 watches, two watch bands, a table model radio, an automatic compass, a hand compass, nine knives, a key, and 26 cents in coins.  The young man furnished a $1,000 cash bond.

�The Omaha Kid�, has apparently had a good year for he upped his annual donation for �prizzoners stuck for Crismus in your lozzy jail.�  The letter was written on a scrap of envelope and also states to use it for �nutz or froot or smokes.�  �If your lozzy jail is empty some girl kid gets mituns or shooz she hasn�t got eny of.� Signed:  The Omaha Kid

End 1958



A long time business place in Vermilion has been sold.  The furniture store owned by Frank M. Olds was sold this week to Elmer Tieszen. However, the store has been associated with the business life of Vermillion for 70 of the 100 years of the city.  In 1888 the store was founded by Jack Morrison. S. M. Totten bought the store in 1900 and sold it in 1915 to Henry Charrlin. Mr. Olds came to Vermilion 42 years ago to work for Mr. Charrlin and in 1931 bought the store from Mr. Charrlin. Mr. Tiezen will take over ownership on February 1, 1959.

There were 12 fewer births and 26 more deaths in Clay County in 1958 than in 1957. There were four more divorces in 1958. In 1958, 97 deaths were recorded and marriages remained the same at 87 in 1958.

Retail stores in Vermillion voted to close their stores at 6:00 pm on Saturday nights in January and February. Exceptions will be restaurants, taverns, food stores and service stations.

Sixty-two members were initiated into the Vermillion Aerie of Eagles in ceremonies at the Club Rooms. More than 400 were served at dinner that evening.

A new Main Street business place, the Vermillion Fabric Center, will open in early March.  The store will be located at 22 West Main Street in the building formerly occupied by the Sims Brothers Hardware Store.  Owners of the store are Mrs. Perry Powell and Mrs. Willard Fejfar. A fine stock of fabrics together with a full line of sewing needs and patterns will be available for the customers.

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