MyStoryYourStory: A little bit of this, a little bit of that OB style

At this writing, I am at Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Lincoln, NE, greeting our new grandson, Cecil Hughes, into the world. He arrived via emergency C-section at 1:35 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 13, about five weeks early.

Cecil will be in intensive care for the next 14 days. Now, my third day here, I'm becoming somewhat of a pro on all things related to fourth floor Obstetrics, OB for short.

You know you're in OB when…

  •  seeing stacks of lactation equipment is nothing out of the ordinary
  •  you're so used to signing in that you try signing in at the local McDonald's before ordering
  • it looks like you have OCD from excessive hand washing
  • all new mothers are moving very s-l-o-w-l-y
  • you detect the tired, relieved look in the eye's of new fathers
  • on the elevator, you congratulate everyone going to the fourth floor
  • high-pitched baby cries are heard everywhere
  • you can pick out proud grandparents in a crowd and
  •  there's a lifetime supply of nipple cream at the nurse's desk.

While in Lincoln, I can't help noticing how deeply implanted I am in Husker Nation, A.K.A. Big Red. It's a little hard getting around when everything seems to have "Husker" in its moniker.

You know you're in Big Red Country when…

  •  you're seeing red everywhere and you're not even angry
  • banks and bingo halls, motels and marble companies, ski clubs and saloons are all named "Cornhusker"
  • you ask people directions to Iowa, and they say, "Where?"
  • everybody wears red to church on Saturday night
  • there's a mysterious magnetic field surrounding Memorial Stadium and
  • Husker flags are lowered to half-mast whenever the Huskers are losing.

I'm staying at a Motel 6 in Lincoln. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm really grateful for Motel 6. It's inexpensive and extremely pet friendly.

You know you've checked into a Motel 6 when…

  •  Tom Bodet personally leaves the light on for you
  •  you don't have to pay extra for pets
  •  there's a dog behind the check in counter
  • the desk clerk doesn't blink when you tell him you're traveling with three Dachshunds
  •  you hear dog sounds coming from most of the rooms
  • there are so many pets it feels more like a boarding kennel with a kingsize bed, shower and TV and
  •  you're continental breakfast is whatever you order at the Burger King next door.

I have to pinch myself when I realize that I now have three grandchildren. I marvel at the thought of this new life and how sweet and perfect his little frame is – all four pounds and some varying ounces of him.

You know you're a new grandma when you…

  •  watch his every move in ICU
  •  sing old-time nursery songs, straining to remember the words
  •  imagine his first words
  • can see him taking his first steps
  •  visualize him playing someday with Cousin Oliver
  • notice family traits in his dimpled cheeks, button nose and long delicate fingers
  •  want to spend all of your time peering and praying over him
  • detect his voice in the faintest of whimpers and
  •  can't wait to hold him.

You know you're blessed when you can share all of the above with so many people. Thank you to all my wonderful readers for allowing me to do so.

2011 © Copyright Paula Damon.

A resident of Southeast South Dakota, Paula Bosco Damon is a national award-winning columnist. Her writing has won first-place in competitions of the National Federation of Press Women, South Dakota Press Women and Iowa Press Women. In the 2009, 2010 and 2011 South Dakota Press Women Communications Contests, her columns have earned eight first-place awards. To contact Paula, email boscodamon.paula@gmail, follow her blog at and find her on FaceBook.

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