Sesquicentennial Highlights


Author's Note: Copies of the Plain Talk for the years of 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964 and 1965 were not available.

A petition has been circulated to change to the City Manager form of government in Vermillion.  Dr. Wm. O. Farber, chairman of the City Planning Commission spoke in favor of the City Manager form of government.  He stated that the city needed a manager for two reasons.  One to be a poling boss and to bring a trained person to operate the business of the city.  Farber said the average salary for a city manager is $11,529.00 per year.

Three fires in one day at Dakota Hall caused all but 17 or 20 residents out of 85 to remain overnight at the residence hall.  Two women were hospitalized, one for hysteria and the other for possible smoke inhalation.  The first fire broke out at 1:30 a.m.  Apparent cause was a blouse and towel draped over a lamp in the room, and placed there by the occupant who then went to sleep and was awakened by smoke and flames.  The second fire was discovered in a trash can that was also on the second floor.  The third fire was a shower curtain on the third floor about 8 p.m.  Residents moved into other University approved quarters for the night.

The new Vermillion High School was dedicated on Sunday, Feb. 27, 1966.

Vermillion voters gave approval to the council manager government for Vermillion.  Less than a third of Vermillion's eligible voters turned out for the election.  The results were 512 votes for the new form of government and 264 against.

The postmaster has announced that application blanks for Medicare benefits are available at the service window at the Vermillion post office.  President Johnson has proclaimed March, 1966 as "National Medicare Enrollment Month".  The supplemental program costs $3.00 per month and provides for doctor bills and other benefits.  Everyone over 65 is eligible for basic hospital benefits under Medicare.  Senior Citizens who reached 65 before 1966 face a two year delay if they do not sign up by March 31, 1966.

The Clay County Commissioners are examining the court house to see if an elevator can be installed to the third floor court room.  Some doctors and older persons have suggested the installation of an elevator and the Commissioners have budgeted $25,000.00 for the project.

The new Drive In March Theatre is taking shape this week. Niels Urup is busy placing the 50 foot polls in place.  New owners of Taco Towne announce they will be celebrating a grand opening this weekend.  They will continue the speedy delivery service of chicken, shrimp, tacos and pizzas. The Grand Opening for Campus Drug Store will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

In the year 1954, 18,128,000 appliances were shipped for USA factories.

Specials at Piggly Wiggly this week include Heinz Baby food at 9 cents a jar with a coupon.  Strawberries 29 cents a box, bananas 13 cents per lb, Folgers's Coffee, 2 lb tin, $1.37.  Jiffy cake mix, 10 cents a package, Heinz tomato soup, 4 tins 40 cents, Occident flour, 10 lb bag, 88 cents, Dad's Root Beer, 4  quarts 89 cents, Hershey's Chocolate syrup, pound tin, 19 cents, 12 oz bag Hershey's chocolate chips, 37 cents.

Beginning June 1, 1966, the Plain Talk will be published twice weekly.

Home Trust and Loan Association at 100 E. Main was burglarized Saturday night between 8:00 and 10:25 p.m.  The intruders used a vice grip on the handle of the west door and pried open a cash drawer.  An estimated $135 to $140 in cash was reported missing.

The first 100 ladies will receive a red rose at the Grand Opening of the new United Building Center on West Highway 50.  Guests will also be treated to free coffee and Buffalo Burgers and be sure to register for door prizes.  Irv Cressman is the Manager.

Watch for the door to open on the completely remodeled Chimes Café.  (We may be open on Monday).

About 500 were graduated from the USD exercises.  A special tribute was given to President I. D. Weeks who will retire on July 1 after serving as the University President for 31 years.

Grand Opening for the Lamplighter Motel in Vermillion will be on Sunday afternoon.  The motel has an inside swimming pool, the only one in this part of the country along with 32 units and four apartments.  To be completed soon will be a 14 unit trailer park.  There will be prizes for visitors and treats for adults and children.

The City Council has selected Michael G. Miller, 35, as the new City Manager.  He comes to Vermillion from Slater, Missouri.  His starting salary will be $11,600.00.

The old Meckling Bank building brought $520.00 at public auction on Tuesday.  The new owner is Roy C. Berreth of Meckling.

Arne B. Larson who has the largest private collection of antique musical instruments in the Western Hemisphere will soon join the faculty of USD's music department as professor of music in the College of Fine Arts.  His collection of some 1200 instruments, rare books, music scores and recordings will become a valuable research source for musicologists.

Residents of Vermillion have been warned that burning garbage and rubbish is against a city ordinance. All garbage and rubbish is to be removed from the premises in the city and taken to the dump.

Norm Hilson, Music and Sports personality from WNAX will be broadcasting live at the Grand Opening of Oden Implement's new location at Mid-Century Corner in Vermillion.  Everyone is invited out for free coffee and donuts on September 29th.

The Department of Highways is considering an extension from I-29 to SD Highway 50 at Meckling.

Parking is a concern on both sides of North Pine Street.  It has caused the street to become congested and is hazardous for pedestrian traffic.

Police Chief Merle Offerdahl reports that the work load has increased about 5 times over the past decade while the number of men on the force has not quite doubled.  The most difficult problem and biggest headache for the Department is traffic and parking.  A reflection of the growth of the city.  Traffic violations, public intoxication, burglaries and the rise in crime rate in general have increased.

The average price received for a barrel of oil produced in South Dakota in 1965 was $2.00, according to the South Dakota Petroleum Council.  Total value of all crude oil during the year was $438,000.

The September 1, 1859 issue of the paper states that Vermilion has been firmly established as a steamboat stop.  There are now close to 1,000 residents within a twenty mile radius of Vermillion and more coming all the time.  There are 50 homes in town besides the trading post, a store, and school house.  For this reason the Steamboat Company feels that making Vermillion a regular stop is good business.

The old high school that stands south of the public library on Church Street looks like a bombed out building as work is progressing on tearing it down.

End 1966

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