Sesquicentennial highlights


One of Vermilion's oldest buildings in Vermilion business district is being torn down to make way for 8-C's Sport Shop on Market Street.  The frame structure adjoining the Sports Shop was occupied by the photo studios of W. H. Lawton, pioneer Vermillion photographer, in the early days of Vermillion.  Tom Chaney and Gary Souhrada who are working on the project, report they are finding the square nails used in the original construction of the old building.  This story has brought about speculation as to the exact age of the ancient structures.  An examination of the files from "The Dakota Republican", tells us a fire destroyed every building on the west side of Market Street except the Lee & Prentis store on the north end to Union (now Kidder) Street on the south.  Burned to the ground were two grocery stores, a saloon, a wholesale liquor store, a meat market, the post office and a furniture store. 

Married students will soon be moving into the new housing units on the USD campus.  A new addition has been added to the Medical School on campus.  This addition represents the biggest single project in local building during the first half of 1960.

For the second year, USD registrations have passed the 5,000 mark.

J. J. Newberry Company is having a spring and summer clearance sale.  Prices have been greatly reduced.  Shop now and save in air conditioned comfort.

Plans for a major building project in the business district was announced this week by Wm. Barton of the Thompson Lumber Company.  The new one story building will be erected on Court Street on the site now occupied by the lumber storage and sales sheds of the Thompson Lumber Company.  Total frontage will be 116 feet.  The new building space will be occupied by two retail stores now located on Main Street – the J. C. Penney Company and the J. J. Newberry Company.  Each store will have a 48 foot frontage and a depth of 150 feet.  The Newberry Store will occupy the north building space and J. C. Penney will adjoin on the south.  The Newberry Company has operated a Vermillion store since 1927 and the J. C. Penney store was established in 1928.  The Thompson Lumber sheds were erected on the above spot in 1921 following the completion of the large brick building on the corner that faces the post office.

Ground breaking ceremonies were held for the ground breaking of the new Catholic School.  Contracts have been awarded to several contractors.  The cost of the school is estimated to be $10.00 per square foot.  The school is expected to be completed by the fall of 1961 when operation will begin with six grades.

The Vermillion School Board approved an operating budget of $370,000 for the 1960-61 school years.  This is an increase of about $40,000 over the general operating budget total for 1959-60 school years.

A storm sewer to drain the northwest section of the USD campus from Dakota Street east to University Road is in the blue print stage.

Nebraska residents have written a letter to the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce asking for some means of crossing the Missouri River so they can shop in Vermillion stores.  One lady said she has spent most of her life within 25 miles of Vermillion but only visited the city of Vermillion once.  Since the taming of the Missouri River, the Nebraska people are wondering about the possibility of a bridge and highway between Maskell and Vermillion.

During the storm that hit Burbank on Saturday night, all of the street lights were burned out and the telephone at the elevator was burned out.  The rain gauges registered 4 ½ inches of rain fell during the storm.

During the past week the city has been pumping water from the wells below the bluff at the rate of about one million gallons a day.  Demand has been running ahead of last summer.

The Retailers Committee of the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring "Watermelon Days" on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  There will be lots of bargains in the stores and all you can eat from Vermillion grown melons.  Some of the bargains include, Chuck Roasts, 39 cents per lb.; Butter Nut Coffee, 59 cents per lb.; Flame Tokay Grapes, 2 lbs., 25cents.

The Vermillion Tanagers won their homecoming game by defeating Winner by a score of 35-13.  The Tanager Day Queen was Jeanne Iverson.  A little tough luck happened to King Jeff Wirth when he suffered a broken ankle during the game.

The old Science Hall, a landmark on the USD campus is being torn down.  The building was condemned two years ago by the State Engineer.  A new science center is being built on the north side of Julian Hall on Dakota Street.

This year there are 471 married students enrolled at USD.  This is about 20% of the total student body.  Even with the 2 new apartment buildings for married students there are fewer housing units on the campus for married students than 10 years ago.  In 1955 there were 155 trailer house units on campus.  Most of these have now been removed.  Thus the shortage for married student housing.

No trace has been found of the person or persons who entered Yeado Jewelry and took 5 watches from one of the safes.  A $100.00 reward will go to anyone giving information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person committing the crime.

Gasoline prices dropped three cents per gallon at Vermillion service stations.  Price of regular gasoline dropped from 34 cents per gallon to 31 cents per gallon.

Thieves entered the J. J. Newberry store on Monday night and took $800.00 in cash and checks.  This robbery took place exactly two weeks after the Yeado Jewelry Store was robbed.

Approximately 500 people attended the first service in the new Trinity Lutheran Church at the corner of Plum and Clark Streets.  A landmark at the church will be the tall cross at the southeast corner of the building.  Pastor Borgwardt held a short service just outside the church before the congregation entered.  This service followed the final communion at the old church on the corner of Harvard and Main Streets at 8:45 am.

End 1960

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