Letters: No excuse

I would like to place a "found" ad in the newspaper. I recently found a couch and loveseat/chair in the ditch about one quarter of a mile from our house. Whomever "lost" the furniture did a great job of making sure they "lost" it in the draw where it will take a pickup or tractor to remove it. Not only is it an eyesore, but a traffic hazard as well.

I am absolutely fed up with people in this area dumping their furniture, toilets, televisions, garbage, and appliances on Princeton Avenue and down by the Vermillion River. We recently took time out of our day to clean up down at the river. Then the county paid for someone to come haul it all away. Yes, taxpayers, you paid for that clean up.

The county provides each household with a voucher once per year, this voucher is good for $15, the same amount it would cost to properly dispose of a couch and loveseat. That leaves no excuse for leaving your household items scattered throughout Clay County on country roads.

We will be calling the sheriff on anyone we see dumping garbage on Princeton Avenue. I hope others do the same.


Bekki Engquist


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