Sesquicentennial Highlights


Cause of the twin engine Piper Commanche crash at the local airport has not been determined at this time.  Mr. & Mrs. Roster, part owners of the Lamplighter Motel were here for a business meeting.  However, the business meeting was called off when another member of the corporation was unable to attend.  Mr. & Mrs. Roster remained in Vermillion about 45 minutes before they started back to Colorado.  There was a low ground fog but the sky was clear and the plane took off.  Shortly after takeoff, the plane crashed into the wooded area about a quarter of a mile west of the end of the runway.  The plane hit a tall elm tree head on.  Both the pilot and his wife were killed in the accident.

Two special elections will be held to allow the residents of the Fairview Common School district No. 4 and the Burbank Common School district No. 10 if they wish to close the schools after July 1, 1970.  The State Commission on Reorganization met last year and assigned all of eight common districts and portions of four others to the Vermillion Independent School District.  The schools that have five or more pupils may operate their own schools if they so desire.  The residents of the districts will vote to determine the outcome of the schools.

Mrs. Charles Roegiers, Welcome Wagon Hostess, is now calling on all new families in town.  Welcome Wagon is sponsored by many local businesses and each sponsor gives a card to be returned by the newcomers to receive a gift from the store.  Mrs. Roegiers asks if you know of someone new to Vermillion, to please give her a call with their name and address.

Vermillion and area community, already one of the better places to live and raise a family, will be second to no place with the passage of the upcoming bond issue to build the middle school.

Voters in the two common school districts went to the polls Tuesday and indicated they did not wish their schools closed on July 1, 1970.  Voters in the Fairview school district # 4 opposed closing 33 to 16.  Voters in Burbank opposed closing 34 to 9.

The City Manager position is open and to date there have been 19 persons who submitted an application for the position.  The City Council voted to call a special meeting to discuss the applications.

Congratulations to the Board of Education of the Vermillion School District, to the Citizens Committee for the middle school and to all the persons who worked so hard for the passage of the school bond issue.  By 1972 the youngsters of the school district should have adequate facilities to continue the learning process which is so important to them in this highly competitive age.

The Chimes Café will be serving the last Lutefisk and Lefse suppers of the season on Friday, February 20th.  Don't Miss It!!!

Taco Town was completely destroyed by a fire that gutted the popular college hangout. The fire started in the utility store room.

The City has suffered a rash of burglaries the past week.  The Farmers Elevator lost about $775.00 worth of office equipment.  Wally's Apco Station lost 15 tires when thieves crawled underneath a metal storage shed to gain entrance into the buildings.  Darrel Kruse had a green tool chest removed from his pickup when it was parked at the Prairie.  Olson-Richardson Hall lost $260.00 worth of furniture on February 18th.  An unlocked car at Stewart Hair Stylists had stereo tapes taken on Saturday.  Someone broke into the candy machine and took 6 candy bars at the Highlander Laundry on Friday.

The Historical Society is planning a Historic Homes Tour.  The "Shakespeare Window" is one of the highlights at the home of Mr.  & Mrs. Richard L. Bowen.

The City Council met in regular session and instructed the City Attorney to draw up a leash law for cats.  A dog leash law was adopted last year.

The Jo Ellen Shop is quitting business.  Everything is on sale.  You will find 1950 prices on 1970 merchandise.  All sales are final.

At this week's City Council meeting the Council voted against the cat leash law.

Thieves broke into the IGA store on Monday night and escaped with about 600 pounds of meat, cigarettes, a Burroughs Adding Machine and a Smith Corona Typewriter.

Providing suitable housing for the famous Arne B. Larson Collection of Music will become a community project with statewide and nationwide implication.  The Lions Club will sponsor a special program featuring Mr. Larson on Monday at Slagle Auditorium.

An increase of 35% will be added to the average user's bill for water.  Sewer rates will be lowered to 25% of the water bill.  The increase is necessary to pay off the bonded indebtedness of $83,400.00 per year as approved by the voters for the new water facility plant $129,000.00 annual capital improvements, operation, and maintenance.

The Senior Citizens Center is open Monday and Friday afternoons from 1 to 5 p.m. in the Methodist Church parlors.  Dominoes, pitch, five hundred, and pinochle are played.  More five hundred players are needed to fill out a foursome.

Mowing the grass is like paying bills.  Each of them gets bigger each week.

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