Sesquicentennial highlights


Author's Note: Copies of the Plain Talk for 1967 were not available.

Start the New Year by attending the Third Anniversary party at the new Sirloin Room at the Charcoal Lounge.  The Greg Nelson Trio will be there on Friday and Saturday.

A proposal to establish a ferry boat crossing on the Missouri River south of Vermillion was given a stamp of approval by the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce.  The boat will be in operation next season.  Two crossing spots were discussed.  The two spots being looked at are "Mulberry Point" that is directly south of Vermillion, has deep water and channel stability was favorable.  The other site at Clay County Park has better access on the South Dakota side.  At Springfield a ticket is $1.50 per car and 15 cents for each person.  It was not discussed what the fare would be here and it may depend on the size of the boat.

The Vermilion Ferry Boat Committee met with officers of Dixon County, Nebraska in an effort to work out places for a mutually satisfactory site for a crossing on the River.  Mr. Hanson, Chairman of the Dixon County Commissioners said that he could remember when there used to be a ferry and it was "pretty busy".  He thought it would be a handy thing to have to get to Vermillion and travel on to the north.  Another possibility for a crossing would be handy for the schools on each side of the river so they could compete in debate, athletics and other activities.

At another meeting of the Ferry Boat Committees, the Nebraska group stated they are ready to go with their access road at a point downstream from the proposed South Dakota landing at Mulberry Point.

The National Food Store has some good sales this week.  Boneless Hams are 89 cents per lb, Chuck Roasts, 45 cents per lb, Cream style Corn, 19 cents per can, 2 dozen oranges, 98 cents for 10 lbs., bag Sweet Potatoes, 59 cents and an extra 50 King Korn Stamps with the purchase of Easy Life Fabric Softener.

An increase of 360 pupils is expected in the Vermillion Schools this fall.

The highest bank rate permitted by law and effective June 1st is 5% on Savings Certificates at National Bank of South Dakota.

Dakota Hospital has a two dollar increase in their room charges.  The increase brings the cost of a private room to $29.00 and a semi-private room to $27.00 per day.

The Rev. James Doyle will succeed Rev. James C. Naverson as professor of Religious Studies at the University of South Dakota.  The course is offered as part of the Classics Department.

The Lions and Rotary Clubs held a joint rib "bar-be-q" at the Bone Yard Thursday evening.  A large crowd attended.  Rib cooks were Tom Chaney, Lee McCahren, Mike Chaney, Bob Kruger and Larry Mart.

Someone broke into Pheasant Acres Country Club early Thursday morning.  They took about $125.00 from the club that is located at the Junction of Hwy. 50 and Hwy. 77 east of Vermillion.

The University of South Dakota expects 5,000 students to begin the fall semester.  Two new residence halls with accommodations for 610 students will provide adequate housing for the expected enrollment.


The Tiny Tiger Chain will open on Main Street.  Tiny Tiger attempts to give big city discount prices in smaller towns. The doors are now open.  Stop and meet everyone.

The Friends of the Museum are sponsoring the first "Christmas Festival of Arts" on Sunday, December 8th.  The doll collection of Mrs. D. S. Moore will be one of the highlights of the event. A number of area people will be having their crafts on display and a tea table featuring cooking of all nations will be ready for your tasting pleasure.

The girls of Mu Phi Epsilon will sponsor "Slave Days" on Friday and Saturday. The girls will do housework for a dollar an hour. Please call Terry Klinker or Shirley Neugabaur setting times for the girls to work.

The new Clay County Shop building on the Timber Road is near completion.

End 1968


Wm. H. Bergman of Vermillion has been selected to appear in the 1969 Edition of Community Leaders of America.  Other recipients include Governors and U S Congressmen from various states.  The publication contains names of persons who were selected because of their service to their community.

The Vermillion Police Department patrolled 97,623 miles of city streets in 1968 in an effort to protect the citizens of the community and their property.  This is over 266 miles per day.  They made 348 arrests, issued 2,019 traffic tickets and answered 794 calls for assistance of non-criminal natures.  In addition they quelled 49 family disturbances, investigated 413 traffic accidents and issued 10,219 parking meter violations.

Dr. Richard Bowen has been appointed the new President of the University of South Dakota.  Dr. Bowen said he feels it is appropriate that Vermillion people take an interest and said he feels the University and the citizens of Vermillion should work as a group toward mutual advantage.

The first general meeting of the newly formed Clay County Historical Society whose purpose is to restore the history of Clay County as well as the City of Vermilion, will be held at the Vermillion City Hall at 8:00 pm, March 5, 1969.  All interested persons are invited to attend.

Whimp and Rita Girard thank everyone who helped to make the "Grand Opening" of Whimp's at Burbank such a great success.

A bill was introduced into the South Dakota Legislature appropriating 2.75 million for the construction of a Fine Arts Center at USD.

Nearly 100 persons attended the organizational meeting of the Clay County Historical Society at the Austin School gym last Wednesday evening.  Mrs. Connie Bowen was voted by those in attendance to be the Chairman of the group.  Mrs. Bowen then read a statement of purpose for the County Historical Society.

The Vermillion School Board will hold a public meeting to discuss the Middle School concept and a site location.

The new Clay County Historical Society announced at their April meeting that 200 people has joined the organization. The highlight of the evening meeting was announcement by Mrs. Maurice Severson that a letter and check in the amount of $1,000 has been received from Mr. & Mrs. James Dunlap of Los Angeles, California.

Weekend specials at Jacobsen's Bakery include a pineapple filled coffee cake @ 59 cents each, real dark rye bread at 30 cents per loaf, assorted frosted donuts at 38 cents per ½ dozen.  Call 4-4455 for free delivery twice a day.

Programs on Saturday night on Kelo-land TV, Channel ll include "The Big News" followed by "Hogan's Heroes" at 8:00 pm, Petticoat Junction" at 8:30 pm, "Mannix: at 9:00 pm and "The Big News" at 10:00 pm.

A large crowd of students and former students attended the last picnic of Independence School No. 1.  This school was the first school built outside the town of Vermillion, thus it became Independence No. l.  The first building was built in 1867.  The second building was built in 1882.  The school was located on University Road about 1/2 mile north of the current by-pass.  Many families in the area had three generations that attended the school before it closed in 1969.

A severe storm with high winds, hail and rain swept through Vermillion on Friday evening during the Clay County Fair.  It ripped up tents, toppled concession booths, and dropped tree limbs on cars and branches about the streets; the roof on the A & W Drive-In was blown off.  However, no one was injured.  Sheriff Arnie Nelson arrived to announce a severe storm in the Yankton area was headed for Vermillion, so most of the crowd left before the storm arrived.  Two little children were discovered huddled against one of the K & K Carnival trucks, soaking wet and scared. They were taken to the 4-H building and were safe.

The 'Lil Duffer' Burger Barn will hold its grand opening this weekend.  They will feature 15 cent hamburgers or seven for a dollar during the weekend event.  Same price for bags of French fries.  Soft drinks will sell for 10 cents.  Bill Morehouse is the owner-manager of the local drive-in.

The enrollment at USD has increased 8.0 percent over last year.  There are 3,926 undergrads and 1,120 graduate students in this fall semester.

The Clay County Commissioners will host an open house at the new Highway Shop.  The building is located 3.8 miles west of the County Courthouse on the Timber road.  This very fine building is a definite credit to Clay County and is one that has been needed for many years.

Thieves broke into the REA Building on East Main Street on Sunday and removed about $1,400 worth of new and used copper wire.  The thieves loaded an REA pickup truck that was parked inside the building with the wire and drove it east out of the city to the Greenfield Road where they turned north and pulled off to the side of the road.  They then transferred the load to another truck.  Chief Offerdahl requests anyone seeing the REA truck last Sunday or noticing any suspicious activity around the REA building should please notify him.

Area shoppers are reminded of the big drawing for 100 free turkeys sponsored by the Vermillion Chamber of Commerce.  Winners names will be posted in business places, and winners are asked to pick up the turkeys by November 27.

The new "Vermillion Theater" will open on February 26, 1969, in the building now occupied by Tieszen Furniture store at 4 West Main.  Seating capacity will be 230 in new comfortable chairs color schemed in harmony with wall drapes and carpet.  The first showing will be "Funny Girl" and starring Barbara Streisand followed by "Oliver".

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