Johnson pushes for moratorium on post office closures and consolidations

U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) is pushing a plan to prevent the United States Postal Service (USPS) from closing or consolidating mail processing facilities or rural post offices for the next six months. Johnson has been working with his colleagues to reform USPS in a way that addresses the agency's fiscal challenges while preserving quality postal services in rural areas. He believes that a six-month moratorium is necessary in order to prevent USPS from making drastic changes before Congress considers meaningful reforms.

"The Postal Service plays a critical role in our state's economy and our way of life, and I don't want the USPS to make potentially painful and permanent changes before we finish our work on postal reform," Johnson said. "There is agreement that significant changes are needed to restore financial solvency to USPS, and this six-month moratorium will give us time to enact reforms that ensure the Postal Service remains financially viable and continues to provide quality service to rural America."

Johnson and more than 20 of his colleagues are calling on Congressional leadership and the Appropriations Committee to include the moratorium in an appropriations bill that is being debated this month.

Johnson is a cosponsor of the Protecting Rural Post Offices Act, which he wants to see included in a broader reform package. This bipartisan legislation would prohibit the Postal Service from closing any post office that would result in a distance of more than 10 miles between any two post offices.

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