Local generosity helps families through ESA Giving Trees project

What began 25 years ago with three ESA Giving Trees at Hy-Vee, Jones' Food Center, and Pamida has expanded to nine trees located throughout the community.  This year's Giving Trees are located at Jones Food Center, Hy-Vee, Nook 'n Cranny/Never Never Land, the Vermillion Public Library, Market Street Café, Wal-Mart, Sanford Hospital, Whimp's, and at USD's North Complex.  Through the support and generosity of the Vermillion community, gifts for more than 262 of Vermillion's children were provided through the Giving Tree project.

Each year the project has expanded through the generosity of new groups.  This year Eagles Auxiliary gave the Giving Tree project a big boost with a wonderful donation of $500.  Wal-Mart Foundation has stepped up once again with assistance to our group with a donation of $500. Sanford Hospital also donated miscellaneous items from a prior event they had for our community children. 

We can't forget Stream, Polaris, Rotary and USD Foundation for taking children back to their businesses and coordinating buying within.  It's amazing the spirit of giving that comes back from these organizations.

A total of 109 families benefited by the generosity of the Vermillion community.

The Theta Omega Chapter of ESA has, over the years, been humbled by the generosity of the people in our Vermillion community.  Each and every year some group, some individual, or some event has made this project a very special one, one which inspires the group's admiration of and pride in the people of this community.  The success of this project depends entirely upon the businesses, individuals, and groups who have supported it over the years.

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