Local Guard receives orders

Two South Dakota Army National Guard units and a Black Hills area physician have received official mobilization orders for deployments to Afghanistan in 2012 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The 730th Area Support Medical Company, of Vermillion, the 1978th Contingency Contracting Team, of Rapid City, and Maj. David Lauer, of Sturgis, will deploy to support on-going operations throughout Afghanistan.

Lauer, who serves as a physician with the 730th, will deploy in January as an individual augmentee. Lauer will serve as a field surgeon within an assigned area of responsibility.

730th Area Support Medical Company (ASMC)

The 730th with 48 assigned members will deploy in July. The unit's mission is to provide Echelon I and Echelon II health support to any personnel within its area of operations.

To provide Echelon I, or basic emergency medical services, the unit is equipped with medical ambulances to quickly evacuate and provide continuing care to patient's en-route to a medical treatment facility.

The ASMC is further able to provide Echelon II care, of an emergent or inpatient/outpatient nature, designed to return service members back to duty or evacuate them on to definitive care as quickly as possible.

The unit is composed of combat medics, medical doctors, physician assistants, nurses, lab technicians, radiologists, dental technicians, mental health technicians, and maintenance and support staff.

The 1978th and its four assigned members will deploy in November. The unit's mission is to plan for and coordinate all contracting functions at the brigade combat team level.

The unit will be responsible for assisting with the development and administration/revision of contracting support plans and policy, annex and appendices in support of operational, contingency and deliberate plans associated within an area of responsibility.

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