Sesquicentennial highlights


Mr. Ted Grier has sold his car dealership to Mr. Robert Dayhuff, Ron Cleaver and Bill Dayhuff the new owners will continue to sell Pontiac, Chevrolet and Cadillac cars.  Control of the business will take place in June.

122 Vermillion High School students received their high school diplomas on Monday night.  Dr. Richard Bowen was the commencement speaker.

Construction of the new Continuing Education Center building at USD was officially started this week with a "Hammerfest" ceremony which replaced the traditional ground breaking custom.

City Manager Duane Wroe, who was to begin his duties on May 1, then again on May 22, then on June 1, then on June 8, etc. etc…has been asked to be removed from consideration for the local post.  Wroe, who was selected by the City Council by secret ballot, cited family problems as a reason for not being able to accept the post.  The Council instructed Ida Millette to place advertisements once again for candidates for the post.

The Grand Opening of the Jiffy Food Market will be held on July 9, 10 and 11.  A black and white portable TV and a boys or girls bicycle will be given away.  The market is located at the corner of Main and Dakota just north of the Standard station.  A luscious 11 inch Sammy's Pizza will be given with each fill of gas.

Plan to attend the catfish supper and dance to the Country Men at Whimpy's on Friday, July 17th.

There are plans to open a Gibson Discount Store at 7 Court Street.  A grand opening date will be announced at a later date.

Clay County became infested with salesmen this week as three groups of unregistered magazine salesmen began peddling their goods in the Vermillion area after being kicked out of Union County for the same illegal action.  Sheriff Nelson reported there were no arrests made but the salesmen were no longer in Clay County, they had moved on to Yankton County!

The Charcoal Lounge has something new on their menu.  Stop in and try some of their great chicken.  You will get "red carpet" treatment.

Mrs. Arnold Stensaas was the lucky winner of a car load of groceries given away during the grand opening of the Day huff-Cleaver Auto Agency.

Crazy days were a huge success.  The merchants were pleased with the sales and the customers thought the bargains were real good.

Gibson Discount Center, a subsidiary of Pamida Inc., will hold their Grand Opening at 15 Court Street across from the Post Office on August 9th.

The 73rd Old Settlers Reunion will be held on Sunday.  The Old Settlers is the oldest continuous organization in Clay County.

SENIOR CITIZENS:  Topeka Kansas.

Police were called today to help restore order at Methodist home for the aged, scene of a weeklong revolt. Three militant octogenarians were arrested after a scuffle in the North Parlor.  They were identified as leaders of an activist group that seized control of said parlor three days ago, and locked Mrs. Norman Sunderland, matron, in the closet.  George Whitlock, 84 year old spokesman for "The Activists", told reporters the demonstration was staged to enforce demands that the old folks be given more role in management.  "We have a bunch of young whippersnappers running things around here" he said, waving his cane indignantly. "We don't trust anybody under 65," he added, proudly displaying his "Senility Power" button pinned on his shawl.  Two officers suffered minor injuries during the disturbance.  One was hit by a runaway wheelchair and the other was jabbed by a knitting needle.  The revolt began last week when a small group of hardnosed superannuates held a "dodder-in" at which some burned their Social Security cards.  Although peaceable in early phrases, the protest movement took a violent turn when someone hit 'Emery Dains, home administration, with a bottle of Geritol.  Dr. Dains blamed the trouble on a misunderstanding caused by difficulties in communicating with the militarists.  "Some turn off their hearing aids when administrative personnel seek to explain policies," he explained.  Mr. Whitlock reacted, "What is the sense of living a long time if some kid who's 45 or 50 years old can tell you what you have to do."

The Clay County Historical Society will hold its second Annual Old Time Ice Cream Social on August 27.  The event will be held once again on the grounds of the historic Christol home at 305 Forest Avenue in Vermillion.  The public is invited.

The rural teachers of Clay County held a reunion at the Meckling School Friday afternoon to show their appreciation for Mrs. Elvira Bliss who has served so faithfully as County Superintendent of Schools for 32 years.

James Watson, 32, presently serving as City Manager of Prineville, OR, has been hired by the Vermillion City Council to fill the existing vacancy.

Because of the new consolidation program, the Count School enrollment now stands at 1771 students.  Burbank and Meckling have been added to the system this year.

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