Foundation continues growth, seeks members

The Clay-Union Foundation  matches youth in both counties, and just made its 129 match  last Sunday. Youth age 5 to 17-years-old are welcome to join the program, and it is seeking more youth and adult volunteers.

A female USD student would like to find a girl age 12-16  in Vermillion, and a 14-year-old boy is seeking an adult male mentor to spend some time with him. More mentors and youth are being sought throughout both counties, as well as new sponsors, businesses which would provide a tour for the members, and event sponsors.

The mentors spend two hours per week with their matches, with an emphasis on quality time together. All volunteers have background and reference checks, and each volunteer has their own special talents or skills to share with their match.

The Clay-Union Foundation, Inc. is sponsored in part by the United Way of Vermillion, the Clay County Commissioners, and local donations from individuals, businesses and organizations. Please contact John P. Gille, program director, at 605-421-5050 or email  to find learn more about the program.

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