Free bariatric seminar for weight loss scheduled in Yankton

The public is invited to attend a free educational presentation on Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss using the adjustable LAP-BAND® System on Wednesday, Jan. 25, at 7 p.m. at the Best Western Kelly Inn, 1607 East Hwy 50, Yankton.  General Surgeon Michael D. Haley, MD, FACS, on staff at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital in Mitchell, is a trained bariatric surgeon and uses the BioEnterics® LAP-BAND® System, and will be the featured speaker at the bariatric seminar.

Individuals 80 to 100 pounds overweight that have been unable to keep pounds off with over-the-counter medication, exercise, or other weight loss programs now have a minimally invasive surgery option that significantly reduces the capacity for food intake.  The LAP BAND® System is adjustable and is placed laparoscopically without cutting or stapling of the stomach or gastrointestinal rerouting to bypass normal digestion.

Patients will experience reduced pain, trauma, and recovery periods, as well as sustained, healthy weight loss primarily because the procedure creates an earlier feeling of fullness and limits food consumption.  Dr. Haley has been trained and credentialed in the laparoscopic placement of the BioEnterics®  LAP-BAND®  Adjustable Gastric Banding System and began performing the procedure at Avera Queen of Peace Hospital in 2004.  He is among the first surgeons in the area to perform the LAP-BAND® System procedure and will be available for questions following the presentation.

The LAP-BAND® System is currently the #1 implantable device prescribed for weight loss worldwide.  To date, over 450,000 LAP-BAND® Systems have been distributed worldwide.  LAP-BAND® System patients on average achieve weight loss comparable to gastric bypass surgery at five years after surgery.  According to our latest statistics, at 24 months after surgery our patients are achieving a loss of 50 percent or greater of their excess weight.  The LAP-BAND® System has a perioperative severe complication rate reported as <1 percent in a study by Parkhetal. 

In addition to Dr. Haley, staff at Avera Medical Group Bariatrics includes Nathan Hinker, CNP; Mindy Miller, RN, bariatric coordinator; and Deb Schoenfelder, RN.

For more information about bariatric surgery using the LAP-BAND® System, please attend the presentation or call Avera Medical Group Bariatrics at 996-5482.

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