Petition filing deadline for county offices is March 27

The deadline for political hopefuls to get their names on the ballot is approaching.

The official date is March 27, but petitions only can be submitted "not less than 10 days, nor less than 15 days before the deadline for filing," said Clay County Auditor Ruth Bremer.

Clay County has several available positions, including county treasurer, county state's attorney and county coroner, as well as three on the county commission.

The three incumbent commission members whose terms are expiring are Jerry Wilson (D), Leo Powell (D) and Raymond "Dusty" Passick (D).

The incumbent treasurer is Catherine Powell (D), states attorney is Teddi Gertsema (D) and coroner is Phillip Tigert (R). Their terms are also expiring.

All positions offer four-year terms.

The number of signatures each potential candidate must collect depends upon the number of people who voted in the last gubernatorial election, Bremer said.

For county office, Republicans must collect 23 signatures. Democrats must collect 23, she said.

Petitions must be brought to the auditor's office, which is located on the second floor of Clay County Courthouse.

The primary will be held June 4, with the general election taking place Nov. 6.

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