Sesquicentennial Highlights


About 250 people attended the Ice Cream Social at the Clay County Historical Societies 2nd Annual Event.  Thirty five families became new members.

The second flying fickle finger of fate award in the last few months came by the way of the City Council in the form of the resignation from the City Manager to be, James Watson of Prineville, OK, who was to assume his duties the first of October.  Among the reasons cited by this most recent drop out was a fear that because he did not have a college degree, he felt that he would be unable to handle a position in a college community.

Taco Town remodeling is finished after a fire gutted the place last winter.  The restaurant will be open this weekend.

The third time was a charm as Vermillion does have a new City Manager.  Charles K. McClain reported for work on Monday.  Mr. McClain came from Fort Worth, Texas.

The bids for letting for contracts on the new Middle School will be held on October 14th.  The building will house grades five through eight.  Construction is expected to begin before the end of October and be ready for the 1972-73 school year.

Virgil Anderson, Manager for North Western Bell, reminds hunters that its cables, insulators, and wires are not included in daily bag limits.

Local imbibers can breathe easier this week as the Vermillion City Council assured continuance of all their favorite watering holes at their regular bi-monthly meeting Monday night.

The City Council also heard and passed a resolution to purchase the old high school property from the School District as a site for the proposed new water plant.  The price will be $40,000.

Nine traffic accidents were reported this week in Vermillion.  Other police activities this same week include the arresting of a shop lifter at the Tiny Tiger Store for a $6.36 item; vandals broke aerials off a number of parked cars; someone stole $20.00 worth of groceries from an auto parked on Market Street; a disturbance at a local tavern where police witnessed a bar room brawl with police assisting one youth to the hospital for treatment of cuts and bruises and a person reported while riding a bicycle up Chandler Hill was shot in the leg by a pellet gun.

At the City Council, Mayor Barstow revealed that the Council had decided to raise the City Engineers salary from $1,035 to $1,100.  The basic change in salaries for 1971 will be an average of $300.00 per person because of the rising cost of living.

This week, the police were plagued with a number of burglary reports.  Eight track stereotype players and tapes seemed to be a big item for the thieves.  One tape player and a recorder were found but no formal charges have been filed to date.  A 14" Zenith black and white portable TV was stolen from a student residing in Olson Hall.

At 12:10 p.m., Head Superintendent of Schools, Harold Ashbaugh, phoned the police station to inform them that in the minutes prior, he had received a bomb threat.  He said the bomb was expected to go off at 1:30 p.m.  The building was evacuated shortly after the call and a thorough search was made by local authorities but no bomb was found.  According to Supt. Ashbaugh, the afternoon of school will have to be made up at the end of the year

A study was made by the USD School of Business concerning the common fallacy that there is savings to be gained by tooling to Sioux City to buy groceries.  The study showed good pricing by Vermillion Supermarkets.

End 1970

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