Taggart is Sanford Vermillion December PRIDE Employee

Chuck Taggart, assistant plant operations manager, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion December 2011 PRIDE Employee of the Month. He has been employed here since 1988.

Chuck Taggart, December Employee of the Month and Val Osterberg, Chief Finance Officer, Sanford Vermillion.

Comments from the nomination for Taggart:

I would like to nominate Chuck Taggart as Employee of the Month. Chuck has met and gone beyond a unique request made to assist the Patient Care Unit in customer service. Unfortunately, there have been some families who have gone through the difficulty of losing an unborn baby. Sanford Vermillion staff wanted to provide these families with various options in dealing with their loss. Staff asked if Chuck could make a small wooden box for those families wanting to take their baby home with them. Chuck went all out, constructing not only one but two beautiful small oak containers including a tight fitting lid adorned with a cross on top.

Thank you, Chuck, for demonstrating personalized service, respect, innovation, dedication, excellence, and compassion toward our Sanford families! Since then, Chuck has handmade two more oak boxes for us to have on hand if this heartbreaking situation arises again. Chuck, you are a great benefit to have here at Sanford Vermillion. Thank you for sharing your talents and taking care of so many needs of the staff and the customers we serve.

"Chuck shows thoughtfulness and creativity in the many special requests he fulfills. He always has others in mind, on and off the clock," said Tim Hannahs, plant operations manager, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

Chuck is a native of Vermillion. He and his wife, Mary, reside in Vermillion. They have five children, Billy (Yankton), Mark, Laurie, Matt and Amanda (all of Vermillion) and 11 grandchildren.

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