Kadous named Sanford Vermillion PRIDE Employee

Pam Kadous, pharmacy tech, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion January 2012 PRIDE Employee of the Month. She has been employed here since 1999.

The nomination form included these comments:

Pictured are Matt Lavin, pharmacy manager, Pam Kadous, January Employee of the Month, and Tim Tracy, CEO, Sanford Vermillion.


Personalized Service: Pam takes extra time to make sure special meds are prepared to specific patient needs.

Respect: Pam works with every department in this facility and gives everyone the respect they deserve.

Innovation: Pam is always trying to perfect/ streamline the different workflows.

Dedication: She never leaves a project unfinished; she works hard to complete what has been started.

Excellence: She puts a great deal of thought into all Pharmacy daily activities.

Additional comments: Pam keeps everyone in Pharmacy on their toes. She always knows what needs to get done and is always willing to help.

"Pam is one of the most dedicated and hardest working employees I have ever had the fortune of working with. She really keeps everything running back in pharmacy. She just knows what needs to be done. I never see her not doing something and most of the time it is two or three things," said Matt Lavin, pharmacy manager, Sanford Vermillion Medical Center.

Pam is a native of Yankton. She resides in rural Spink. Pam has three children, Carson Kennedy, Meryll Kennedy and Adrienne Lewis, and four grandchildren, Auden "Ray," Kaya, Sienna and Amani.

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