Letters: Vermillion shortchanged – again

During the 1970s, West Main from the Main Street Center to Stanford and Dakota Street from Cherry to the bypass were redone to a width of 52' with new taller "cobra" style streetlights.  The consensus of the city council was that this would be the minimum standard for future improvements of major streets.  The progressives eventually left the city council and we have had mostly bobble heads since.

In 2007, the city reworked Dakota Street from Main to Cherry.  Remember that project?  A six-month project took nine months.  The end product for Vermillion's two busiest intersections (Main & Dakota and Cherry & Dakota) is that they are vastly undersized.  This part of Dakota Street is too narrow and every driveway is undersized.  The Dakota Realty building is oversized for the lot size and vehicles are allowed to park in the set back area, thereby reducing the visibility of the intersection.  The streetlights on this section of Dakota are so low that they are almost in your eyes.  The lights do not have reflectors on top so much of the light goes up.

So, before you criticize this article, first go to Cherry and Dakota and observe the traffic, look at the tire marks on the curb, second watch the traffic using the entrance to the parking lot just north of the Science Center.  Notice the tire marks on the curb and the rut in the grass next to the driveway.  Third, observe the traffic on Main and Dakota.  Watch a semi-truck turn onto Dakota and notice the striping.

Well, Vermillion is about to have another truck route of inadequate width.  The city plans a three-lane Stanford Street from Main to Cherry, even though the building set back, established years ago would easily accommodate a wider street. Yup, it's a truck route.

It appears that no member of the City Council has any planning expertise.

Paul M. Hasse, Vermillion

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