Pulpit Reflections: The pursuit of love should continue after marriage, too

Perhaps you have heard the phrase: "marriage" it's not a word but a sentence, a life sentence. Or "marriage is love. Love is blind.  Therefore, marriage is an institution for the blind." Love is one long sweet dream, and marriage is the alarm clock.

Funny, but for too many that is their perspective on marriage.  Hollywood and culture have reinforced this negative attitude towards marriage.  I recently read that roughly 50 percent of marriages won't make it past 15 years.  What if we hypothetically said you had a 50 percent chance of being mauled by a bear or getting into a car accident, wouldn't you think you would be a little more careful and proactive?  Unfortunately there is a stigma when it comes to marriage enrichment or marriage counseling. There is a general defensiveness, "what are you saying we have a problem? We don't have a problem."

What area of your life can you neglect and expect it to get better?  Whether it's our health, our finances, our lawn, neglect very seldom makes anything better. So why would we expect our marriages to get better if we neglect them and live with the status quo?

Genesis 2:24 establishes God's plan for marriage "For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they will become one flesh."  The word be united has the idea of pursuing hard with affection and devotion and continuing to give it.

How are you pursuing your spouse? The reality is we stop pursuing one another. We take for granted what we have and the years go by and we find ourselves barely able to talk to the one we fell madly in love with.

Let's be reminded that after the wedding we got to keep pursuing. Guys, one of the ways we keep pursuing is with words of affection. Specifically that is non-sexual affection. If you are not sure what that means it is affection that is non-sexual. If you are still confused, ask your wives. Ladies you can pursue your man with words of affirmation. Even though we appear confident, what we want to know is do you believe in us?

Let's do what we can to land on the good side of statistics by being proactive and continuing to pursue the one we love.

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