Stanford Street expansion one step closer

The expansion of a section of Stanford Street is a step closer to completion.

At its regular meeting Monday night, Feb. 6,  the Vermillion City Council moved to adopt a resolution of necessity for construction, and approved three construction easements for the project.

The planned reconstruction has been under consideration for the past several years, and will affect the street between West Main to Cherry streets, City Engineer José Domínguez said.

"Hopefully it will look like South Dakota Street from Cherry to Main – a three-lane section with an eight-foot path on the west side and a five-foot sidewalk on the east side," he said.

In addition, the city also will upgrade the sanitary sewer lines and water mains in the area.

Responding to a question from Mayor Jack Powell, Domínguez added that when the project is finished, the street will be between three and five feet lower than it is now, similar to the Cherry Street construction project.

There is no cost associated with the project at this time, Domínguez said.

"However, the project is estimated at $1.2 million, and that will be paid by the city utilizing either federal funds, assessments or city funds," he said.

According to a memo provided to council members, the city will assess approximately $96,000, with federal funds covering approximately $750,000 of the project cost.

The city will pay for the remaining $354,000 from second penny funds.

In addition to this money, the city has $167,000 saved for contingencies, the memo said.

There also will be an 8 percent fiscal fee attached to the assessments, Domínguez said.

"One thing that should be noted is the property owners (on Stanford) will be assessed based on frontage," he said. "The way that the assessment was figured out, there will be a maximum of $28 per foot to be assessed."

This figure was settled on at a public meeting held last June, he said.

"The reason for setting an actual maximum value to be assessed was due to the fact that the city will be utilizing some of the city's money and some federal funds … and this allows us to alleviate the effect of the assessments on the property owners," he said.

The council unanimously approved the resolution of necessity for construction, as well as the three temporary construction easements required for the project to proceed to the bidding process.

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