Officers discover suicide victim Tuesday

A local individual who threatened to use a firearm mid-Tuesday afternoon took his own life, according to Vermillion Police Chief Matt Betzen.

"Yesterday, at 14:06, (2:06 p.m.) we received a phone call from an individual threatening suicide," Betzen told the Vermillion Plain Talk Wednesday morning. "We cordoned off the area and made a safe entry into the residence, and we found him deceased.

"The totality of the circumstances right now does not lead us to believe that there was any foul play or a third party involved," the chief said.

Betzen did not release the name of the deceased.

Vermillion police officers, the Clay County Sheriff's Department and the South Dakota Highway Patrol responded after the person called the local police department.

Local law enforcement personnel blocked off a large portion of Vermillion's Main Street from the corner of Hall and Main, located in the western portion of the city, all the way down the bluff past Valiant Vineyards to the intersection of Main and Cherry streets west of Vermillion.

The incident occurred in a residence located in the vicinity of Bunyan's Restaurant at 1201 W. Main Street.

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