Sesquicentennial highlights


Several people have suggested that autos are being driven too fast a pace through the city.  It would probably be as well to go slower before someone is hurt as afterward.

Chester H. Johnson of Beresford succeeds John Scott in the Coyote Barber Shop.  He is a steady workman and will hold his own with other Vermillion barbers.

Someone has expressed an intention of starting a green house in Vermilion and another man asked about the prospects of establishing a seed separating factory at this point.

In June of 1972, Oscar Howe, Professor of Art and Artist in Residence at USD, was awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters degree by Dakota Wesleyan University at Mitchell.  For many years Dr. Howe has designed the corn mosaics at the Mitchell Corn Palace.

Minority groups in Clay County total 164.  Of that number 118 are 16 years of age and older.

In 1875 the paper reported that the town has improved by the removal of a massive manure pile from Chestnut Street, near Michigan Avenue.  Also reported was a fall taken by Mrs. H. J. Austin when she fell out of her buggy. She only received a light injury.

The 2nd Vermillion Municipal Band Concert will be held at Prentis Park on July 12, 1972.  The public is invited to spend a summer evening in the park.

The Paint Brush Corporation is a new business in town.  The company has moved to Vermillion after 26 years of operation in Melrose Park, Ill.  There are still a few last minute odds and ends that need to be taken care of before they are open for business.

Parents are being asked to buy locks for their children's bikes.  The police department says there are numerous calls every day because of stolen bikes.  A simple lock for the bike could prevent a lot of trouble for the police and a lot of frustration for your children.

Over 700 pounds of ribs were prepared by pros: Larry Mart and Tom Chaney for the Jaycees River Day barbeque on Sunday, July 30, 1972.

Like a falling star, the USD observatory fell last week.  For 33 years, the observatory dome provided all night shelter for student star gazers.  The telescope had a "weight clock" making it possible to correlate its movement with the rotation of the earth.

A local resident reported to the Police that she saw someone taking three trash receptacles from the light poles in the vicinity of Main and Prospect streets. She was able to give a good description of those involved and the license number of the car.  The party was apprehended and the receptacles returned.

The Cub Scouts started a pop bottle drive last week with each pack being assigned a specific area of the city to canvas.  The funds netted from this drive are to be used for expenses of pack activities.  Pack 165 collected 1372 bottles.  Pack 321 collected 1346 and Pack 12 had turned in 740 bottles to date with more dens left to report.

The Co-Ed Theatre that burned down earlier this year will be sporting a new name when it opens in the near future. Jack March, owner, said it will be known as the "Coyote Theatre".  The theatre should be open in about two weeks but the management is awaiting the arrival of the new seats.

According to Carl Rauk, it is 100 years ago on December 2, 1972 since the first train arrived in Vermillion. The construction of the Dakota Southern began in Sioux City in August of 1872 and reached Vermillion in December of the same year.  The line was finished to Yankton in January of 1873.

In 1880 the Milwaukee Railroad purchased the Dakota Southern and extended the line from Yankton to Scotland in 1882 and from Scotland to Mitchell in 1886.  The first depot in Vermillion was built in 1872 and the first agent was George Kolb.  The second depot was built in 1924 and is now vacated.  Hundreds of people turned out for the dedication of the second depot in 1924,

END 1972

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