Sesquicentennial Highlights


The Coyotes have dominated the NCC Tourney and the Tanagers triumph in the Holiday Invitational. 

The City Council opened bids for a new civil defense fire siren.  The low bid of $1,900.00 was awarded to Learn Communication of America, Inc.  At the same meeting, new salaries were set for the City Manager at $13,500.00 and for the City Engineer at $13,926.00.

The Senior Citizen Center at 214 East Main was a busy place on New Year's Eve.  Fifty five citizens saw the New Year in with a pinochle and pitch party.  Oyster stew and all the trimmings were served at the close of the evening by Vera and Harlan Emerson.

The Clay County Historical Society historical column will make its appearance in this issue of the Plain Talk on Feb. 10, 1972.  The initial columns will be taken from the files of the Dakota Republican in 1882.  On February 9, 1982 it reads as follows:  "The building boom still continues".

The City Council voted to double the sewer service charge for Vermillion.  The increase would amount to about 80 cents per month for a single family.  The estimated annual income for the city would be between 38,000 and 40,000 annually.

Meals on Wheels — dinner's ready — chicken today! And another hot meal is delivered by the Meals on Wheels program initiated by the Vermillion Civic Council in July of 1968.

The new Middle School opened in February of 1972.

In the special election held in Vermillion, 1,128 votes were cast, with 714 voting yes to keep the City Manager Form of Government and 414 voting no.

From the Dakota Republican, Feb. 16, 1882, reprinted in the Plain Talk here are some interesting facts:

"Meckling is getting to be the liveliest part of the County. Blanchard furnishes the fun for the burg."

"Hogs are not worth anything; don't bring them in, you can only get 6 cents for them on foot."

"Burbank is flourishing.  Mr. Spencer has been offered $7.00 per acre for some of his land there, but he "can't see it".

The parking meters in January of 1972 took in $1,038.

The April 1882 Plain Talk reports the news that the notorious Jesse James, who has been engaged in a majority of trail robberies for a good many years, was killed in St. Joseph, Missouri last Monday. If this proves true a noted desperado has been put out of the way of doing more harm and the express men will breathe easier. Now the Ford brothers, who killed Jesse James, have been threatened with the vendetta by the banditti of Missouri and Tennessee.

On April 21, 1972 a fire call came in at 2:30 a.m. saying the Co-Ed Theatre was on fire.  It was almost completely destroyed.

The City Council approved a rate increase for a family membership to the swimming pool.  The new fee will be $15.00 per family.  The child fee of $5.00 and the adult fee of $9.00 will remain the same.

"The Day's Gone By" column of May 4, 1882 tells us that the calaboose is anchored near the court house.  Some of the young professional gentlemen around town are trying to start a reading club. 

A flatboat, on the Missouri River near Frank Verzanies, performs all the duties of a ferry boat.  Captain Tom Ryan is Master of the craft.

There is one point which our Scandinavian friends should bear in mind relative to their schools, and that is to have a teacher who can speak properly the English language".

In 1972, the average hotel employs one person for every six guests.

The Vermillion Chamber of commerce will hold an Antique Flea Market on Saturday, June 10, 1072.  The market will open at 9:00 am on Main Street and close at 5:30 pm. Call the Chamber office to reserve a spot.

Band director Jim Johnson announced today plans of organizing a municipal band in Vermillion for the summer.

From the "Day's Gone By" column it states that in June of 1907, Vermillion will be compelled to pass through another summer without a circus.  Flaming posters are adorning the walls of towns all about us, but evidently Vermillion has been passed by.

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