State shines in ‘Over South Dakota’

The wonders of South Dakota are on display in a new high-definition television documentary from South Dakota Public Broadcasting.

"Over South Dakota," an aerial tour, reveals our state's beauty, majesty and splendor. The one-hour SDPB Television production premieres on Sunday, March 4, at 6:30 p.m. with an immediate encore at 8 p.m.

The breathtaking high-definition production takes viewers on a bird's-eye journey from the cities to the plains to the mountains.

The production begins with poetic words from Patrick Hicks, writer in residence at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, and ends with words from Badger Clark, the late cowboy poet who was the state's first poet laureate. In between, the production soars over a dozen areas of the state, giving viewers a unique and powerful perspective of our home. South Dakota singer/songwriter Boyd Bristow narrates.

The incredible vistas were filmed during the summer of 2011 by SkyWorks, an internationally-acclaimed production organization, in partnership with SDPB. The project is supported by the South Dakota Departments of Tourism and Game, Fish and Parks, who will use portions of the footage for their own promotion efforts.

A new aerial tour of the state long has been one of the network's goals. "For some time, we've hoped to reprise 'Soaring South Dakota' with high definition video technology," said Larry Rohrer, director of content for the multi-media SDPB network.

The original "Soaring South Dakota," which premiered in March 2000, was one of SDPB Television's most popular programs ever, he added.

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