Vermillion Police Dept. conducting community survey

The Vermillion Police Department is conducting a survey with the goal of obtaining an understanding of our community's needs, view and expectations. Armed with that understanding, we can more effectively prioritize resources, develop policy and engage in strategic planning.

The survey was developed by a committee, which also determined the manner and method of delivery, and who will oversee the tabulation and development of a final report.

The committee members are Farber Center Professor Matt Fairholm, Vermillion Mayor Jack Powell, Vermillion Community Member Robert Fuller, Vermillion Police Captain Chad Passick, and Vermillion Chief of Police Matt Betzen.

The summarized survey results will be used by the Vermillion Police Department as it strives to provide the highest level of service possible.

This process will help the department better understand the community's perceptions regarding 1) the level of crime and danger in the community, 2) the quality of interactions you have had with the department, and 30 the quality and usefulness of services the department provides.

The survey is being sent to 1,000 random addresses in Vermilion. If you receive this survey in the mail, please complete it, place in the postage-paid envelope provided, and mail it.

Thank you for your time and interest in helping your police department improve its service to our community.

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